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Serious car enthusiasts such as yourself love to take your ownership to that next level. After all, your auto isn’t just a machine that gets you from point A to point B. It’s pretty much family at this point, and so you put in time, talent and treasure into taking care of your favorite set of wheels. This includes providing a garage space for your car and truck that is also a place for you to hang out for some quality time away from the road. California Car Cover is the go-to for serious auto buffs and we’ve got the furniture to make your garage space reach its full potential.

Race Through the Workday

The workday feels like a drag for many car nuts, but brightening up the office with car themed furniture helps you feel at home sitting at the desk just as you would behind the dashboard. Eye-catching, racing-style designs are brought to life in your work space by the same designers that create stylish auto accessories, and the expertise is clear. These desks, chairs, shelves and more also combine form and function with high-quality materials and hardy construction. Locking racing-style wheels on cabinets and desks make it easy to move everything in place and keep it there, and ergonomic support in your office chair takes the edge off of your desk job. 

Time for a Tune-Up

When its time to kick back and relax, make sure youre doing it in style by highlighting your leisure space with car-themed furniture and accessories. A racing recliner chair is the perfect way to put your feet up - lined with leatherette and expertly stitched together, theres no contest between comfort and style when you have both. Retro hot rod lamps and Coca-Cola coolers provide perfect accents to the auto fans lounge as well. If you prefer to spend your down time outside, our selection of outdoor furniture is based on iconic and vintage auto brand designs, great for gathering friends around the grill. Pick up one of our easy-to-use canopies for sale for your next big event in the backyard or on the sidelines at the local pitch, too.

Where to Find Quality Garage Furniture

When it comes to your garage, any old furnishings simply won’t do. You want quality pieces that are conceived and constructed with a car enthusiast in mind. California Car Cover has curated quality products that help you make your garage feel as comfortable as other parts of your home. Shopping with us means that you can find quality furniture at prices that you’re sure to love. Say goodbye to prices marked up to help cover the overhead costs of a brick-and-mortar shop. Have it all with high quality furniture to make the space your own.

The Best Car-Themed Furniture Online

Finding the furniture pieces you want should be an easy experience when shopping online. From chairs to desks to lamps, we’ve got you covered with the best in car-themed furniture to really make your garage space hum with style. Shop by brand to find the furnishings you’re looking for or take advantage of our high quality, full color images to make sure you’ve got the right product. Read detailed descriptions, reviews and frequently ask questions for an informed purchase.

How to Decorate Your Garage Work Space

Make your garage work space stand out from other places in your residence with the best in themed furniture. From logo-branded pieces to desks that bring automotive style cues indoors, you’re ready to experience upgraded style with themed furniture from California Car Cover. Come to us for superior products at prices that make your motor hum.