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Floor Mats & Liners

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Floor Mats & Liners

Your car or truck treats you well and allows you to see the world. Return the favor by not tracking the world back into it. These heavy duty and reliable floor mats protect your vehicle's interior and keep it looking pristine. Whether you’d prefer luxury leather looking floor mats, or velourtex and carpet floor mats showcasing your personality with your favorite logo or teams, or you’re in need of durable rubberized floor mats, we've got a customized floor mat just for you.

Your vehicle takes you to some amazing places. Sometimes you hate to leave a destination, but you don’t necessarily want to take it with you in your car when you go by tracking in sand, dirt, leaves and other messy debris into your ride. Fortunately, installing proper floor mats & liners can eliminate this issue and make clean-up after even the rowdiest expeditions a breeze.

Practical Protection 

When it comes to keeping dirt and grime out of your cabin, custom fitted car liners are the way to go. That’s because they not only keep stains from getting on your interior’s actual flooring, but can be quickly and easily removed for cleaning your interior whenever it becomes necessary. With materials like velourtex, you can simply pull them out, hose them off, dry and replace. Carpet mats can simply be vacuumed (or even shampooed if you feel up to the challenge), and faux leather car floor mats can be wiped clean in the blink of an eye. Keeping your car clean and looking pristine has never been easier.

Style Variety

You want a practical mat or liner for your ride, but that doesn’t mean you can’t boost your interior’s style while you’re at it. When making your selection you can choose between a huge variety of materials and styles to customize your cabin, such as:

  • Faux leather
  • Velourtex
  • Carpet

On some materials, you can even include a company or team logo, so your interior always expresses your personality no matter where you go or what you’re doing. 

Whether it’s a cleaner, easier interior experience you’re going for or you just want a way to really make your vehicle one-of-a-kind, all weather floor mats and related products such as custom car liners are the way to go. Your ride helps you live your life to the fullest. Why not return the favor and make your life as a driver just a little easier with simple upgrades like these?

Floor Mats & Liners

It goes without saying that you count on your car to get you from place to place on a daily basis and not just when it comes to your daily work commute either. Your car is responsible for getting your kids home from the park, your friends home safely from nights on the town, and the dog back from all those fun days at the beach. It's only natural that your car's floors would see a little wear and tear after a while, but the best floor liners for cars and trucks can help keep it to a minimum.

Keep Your Car Clean and Protected

Whether you're looking to find out how to store your car in winter or simply trying to cut back on build-up from everyday dirt and grime, cars and trucks floor mats are among the first items you should consider investing in. Not only do they keep dirt, mud, moisture, and stains from marring the integrity of your car's original flooring, but they take a lot of the labor out of regular cleanings. Getting rid of debris is as easy as taking the mats out and giving them a quick shake before smoothing them back into place. Depending on the material you choose, getting rid of stains or stuck-on dirt can be as easy as a simple wipe-down or vacuuming session.

Customize Your Interior's Look

Affordable, practical interior upgrades like custom windshield sun shades, dashboard covers, floor mats, and more are easy ways to update the look of your ride as well. Choose from a multitude of different materials, colors, patterns, and styles. Put your own unique stamp on your car and express yourself a little. Then change things up whenever you like by making new selections. It's easy when you know where to find the best cars and trucks floor liners on sale.


At Cal Car Cover, you'll find an extensive selection of custom options for the exact make and model of your vehicle at any given time. You'll also enjoy reasonable pricing, fast shipping, and customer service that meets even the highest standards. Explore the possibilities today, and take your ride to the next level!

Floor Mats & Liners

Along with protecting the outside of your vehicle, it’s important to not forget the interior. When taking it for a ride, you want to feel as good as your car looks. With all the time and money you have invested, you don’t want a spill or mud leaving noticeable stains behind. No matter what type of vehicle you drive, car floor mats and car floor liners provide the protection need while also making the interior look good.

Why Are Custom Floor Liners Better?

While there are many universal liners and mats available, not every car is the same. Although they are durable and add protection, a custom fit raises the level of protection and gives you more options in getting the right look. Going custom means you are getting a product that is specifically designed for your make and model, including all the contours unique to your vehicle. Most come with a raised lip around the mat so its flush with the floor edges. They are an especially ideal solution for people with newer vehicles. Manufacturers need time to come up with new designs, and waiting isn’t an option when you want your vehicle to always be at its best.

How to Ensure the Perfect Fit

A perfect fit goes hand-in-hand with custom products. They are designed to precisely fit your exact make, model and year, which is important since automotive manufacturers tend to make tweaks to models each year. The perfect fit also means choosing the right style and material for your needs. If you regularly put your vehicle to the test, it’s best to go with some designed for heavy-duty durability. When general cruising is your main agenda, something more simple will provide everything you need. Once you get what you want and are ready to put them in, ensure the carpet is cleaned beforehand to eliminate any dust and debris.

Benefits of Custom Car Liner Materials

Investing in protecting your interior means trusting in durable products made with the best materials around. Regardless if carpet, rubber, plastic or soft foam is preferred, you can count on the latest technology and high-quality materials. If going for style, plush carpet ones feature a durable pile over a layer of polyurethane sponge, which also reduces outdoor noise, and a rubber backing that stays put. When cargo space is frequently used, a soft foam style is resistant to scratches and spills, including oil, and is easy to rinse off. Plastic and rubber both provide excellent all-weather coverage and require minimal maintenance.


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