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Car Fender Covers

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Car Fender Covers

Working on cars can be frustrating enough when you consider the amount of time and money you may have to invest, so you don't need to deal with any spills. The truth is, spills are a regular part of working on cars. The best way to make sure those spills don't get on your car and mess up the paint job is to shop for car fender covers online at Cal Car Cover.

Fender covers are designed to be draped over your car's fender while you're working under the hood, providing protection in case you spill something on the side of the car. In the event of a spill, the fender cover takes the brunt of the damage so you don't have to worry about damaging your car's paint.

Fender Grippers soft fender covers are car fender covers that don't slide off, will protect your paint and keeps tools close at hand. The soft and cushioned 1/8" PVC material in reinforced with nylon mesh is impervious to most any fluids, and easily washable. Fender Gripper Fender Covers, cover a 22" x34" surface and will not scratch or harm your paint. Also choose from our 100% cotton cloth soft Plushweave fender covers with or without magnets. Made in the USA. Read a variety of fender covers reviews and buy the best car fender covers right here on the California Car Cover website.

If you’re looking for a Fender Gripper branded cover, you can’t go wrong with’s selection of reliable protective covers. Fender covers are essential to protecting your car’s finish, particularly in a shop where it might be subject to a number of dents and dings from heavy tools. With universal front end covers, you don’t have to worry about fit or style; every cover is designed with you in mind, and can easily be adapted to protect your vehicle. Prevent costly, unsightly chips, scratches, and dings with soft vehicle fender covers.

Shop for premium car fender covers and other garage accessoriestoday at California Car Cover. Explore the benefits of using a car cover and find out how you can find the best option for your garage. Whether you’re tuning up a classic car or checking the oil on your SUV, a fender cover offers you the convenience and protection you need. Discuss your options with a customer service agent or order the best fender covers online to enjoy convenient shopping and fast shipping directly to your garage.

What Are Fender Covers Used for?

Leaning over your fender while working under the hood can cause scratches, stains and smudges. Scratches are incredibly inconvenient, but even smudges can require a wash, polish or dusting. Slide a cover over your fender to have a convenient place to lean on and place your tools.

Fender covers aren’t matched to your exact make and model of vehicle like a car cover. This means that you can use the same fender covers for multiple vehicles. Pick up one today to work on all your cars or take it over to a friends house to help out in the garage. These portable, convenient covers are easy to take with you and set up for curbside maintenance or oil checks.

What Is a Car Fender Cover?

Basic covers are a simple cotton flannel material that protects your fender from smudges. Premium covers, however, use a durable PVC material and soft cotton interior lining. These high-quality covers not only protect against smudges but also form a barrier in the event of a dropped tool. Look for a cover that has a magnet included to hold your tools fast. This is a great feature that prevents you from losing a tool in your engine compartment or knocking one to the ground.

Personalize your garage with fender covers to match your vehicle or your favorite brand. Pick up a cover with your make of vehicle proudly displayed or show off your love for Cal Car Cover or another brand of parts and supplies.

Automotive Fenders For Sale

Save your fender and reduce the clean up time of your next maintenance project. Shop for automotive fender covers today at California Car Cover to find highly rated options. Check out affordable covers or look for a cover with all the premium features and a logo you love. Match your fender cover, car hood deflectorsand other accessories for a personalized car and garage.

Handy Tool Storage

The biggest benefit to investing in a car fender cover is the fact that you don't have to worry as much about spills, but that's not the only benefit. Many of the fender covers on sale at Cal Car Cover are also designed to give you a surface with a little bit of grip where you can store your tools while you work. When you've got a good fender cover, you don't have to worry about going back and forth to get tools all the time.

Sure, you might be able to set tools on your fender without a cover, but you run the risk of those tools slipping and falling. If you're working underneath that side of the car or you have your feet in a spot where the tools could slide down and fall on them, you're putting yourself at risk for injury.

Premium Materials

Car parts and accessories are only as good as the materials they're made from, and everything Cal Car Cover makes is top notch. We get some of the best reviews on fender covers because our fender covers are made from high-quality materials like PVC and nylon mesh that are designed to protect your ride from anything that might happen while you're working on it.

The materials in our fender covers aren't just designed to protect your car from spills, they're also designed to look great. You can find all sorts of stylish fender covers at Cal Car Cover that are designed to stand up to whatever mother nature throws at them. You don't want an old faded fender cover draped over your car while you're working on it, so pick up a brand new one from Cal Car Cover.

Durable Materials

Each fender is made of 1/8” thick PVC reinforced with nylon mesh. This means it doesn’t wear, tear, or slide, and will grip your car safely in a protective layer that not only wards off scratches, but keeps your car dry and safe from potentially hazardous fluids. Most of our covers are Fender Gripper brand, meaning they come in standardized sizes of 22” x 34”. That’s more than enough coverage to ensure safety and protection that helps your vehicle’s finish last a lifetime. Don’t forget to maintain your Fender Gripper cover, as well. These covers can be easily washed, making them more than just a matter of utility and part of keeping your car as attractive as possible.

Wear Your Branded Logos With Style

Fender covers aren’t just about protection. They’re about showing off your brand pride with style. Choose from fresh, engaging designs created by talented artists, or wear your branded logos on your hood with fender covers from Chevy, Plymouth, Oldsmobile, Cobra, Ford, Mopar, and more. We even have fender covers detailing particular makes and models, letting you boast your pride in your vehicle of choice. Shop our selection of car covers for sale, including a wide range of custom-fit car bras and front end masks and choose the fender cover that’s right for you.

Car Fender Covers

Whether restoring a classic car or keeping one maintained, you likely have an arsenal of tools to get whatever work is necessary done. While you are tinkering, the last thing you want is for a tool to slip and damage your prized possession. Get added protection and peace of mind with fender covers.

What Is a Fender Cover?

Whether a hobbyist or a professional, these covers are a simple way to create a barrier from scratches and dents while working. They come in a variety of sizes and materials, as well as how they work. Simple and easy to use, they are heavy enough to not slip or come with magnets that adhere to the inside of the vehicle, keeping your paint intact. Made of soft, durable fabrics that won’t scratch, they are available in cotton, flannel, cushioned PVC material and other materials that are safe for vehicles. If you have a passion for a certain brand or like to show off your personality while working, many come with logos and artwork.

How to Maximize Fender Protection

Getting the most out of your fender protector requires using it properly and regular cleaning. If going with a cotton, flannel or another fabric weave, most are machine washable. If it includes a magnet, be sure to remove before washing. When choosing a more rugged material, they can be easily wiped off and cleaned. Ensuring it is clean before using will prevent any potential dust or debris from coming between the barrier and vehicle. Most provide plenty of room for multiple tools but be sure to not overload the cover. If too many are on top of it, that makes it easier for one to get knocked off.

Benefits of Fender Covers

While protecting your vehicle from damage is a priority, a cover has few extra perks. They are designed to be spill-resistant. Whether oil, coolant or other potentially harmful liquids get spilled, they will roll right off instead of being absorbed and touching the paint job. When working on your vehicle, having a dedicated, accessible space for tools makes things a little easier. A cover does just that while also giving your arms a cushion to rest against when the job is time-consuming. Another benefit, depending on the type of cover you choose, is that it is versatile. It can be used as a seat cover if doing work in the vehicle or as a protective layer over valuables in the garage.