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Exterior Accessories

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You made a big investment when you bought your new ride, now it’s time to really let your personality shine and upgrade the exterior just the way you pictured during your test drive. Whether you’re looking for utility pieces like truck tents and bike racks, looking for style with hitch covers and license plate frames, or looking for a little bit of both with car bras and Tonneau covers, California Car Covers has got you covered! Our huge selection will impress you just as much as our friendly service and low prices.  

Your vehicle is one of the biggest investments you will make in your lifetime, and may be second only to your home. Make it a bigger part of your life by equipping it with exterior accessories that will not only offer additional protection, but will also make it easier to travel and explore. From grille frames to spare tire covers, here are a few must-have car exterior accessories.


While your vehicle already comes equipped with lights, flood beam or pencil beam driving lights improve your visibility. Turn them on when you’re off-roading or enjoying a midnight drive down an old country lane. While you’re here, take a look at our versatile regular and upright light models.

Protective Accessories

You want your prized vehicle to stay in pristine condition as long as possible, which is why protective accessories are important. Spare tire covers, grille frame and tail lamp covers and car door sill guards can prevent damage while making your vehicle look stylish.

Keep the spare tire on the back of your Jeep from becoming damaged by UV rays and the elements with a spare tire cover. We offer covers in various sizes, so you can find one that will fit your spare tire perfectly.

Grill frame and tail lamp covers prevent your lights from being scratched or broken and provide a dramatic effect to your Corvette’s exterior. Each grille and tail light cover can be painted to match your vehicle.

Car door sill and edge guards are affordable accessories that can prevent scratches and scuffs on your doorsills and edges. These areas are typically the most vulnerable to paint damage, so keep them safe with our easy-to-apply guard kits.

Aesthetic Accessories

We offer a variety of exterior accessories that can transform your ride into a stylish work of art. Check out our Corvette rear window trim kit, Jeep exterior accessories and Jeep interior accessories if you want to increase the “wow” factor of your vehicle.