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California Car Covers strives to help you enjoy your vehicle as much as possible. The hood, sunroof and side window deflectors are just another one of the many Jeep exterior accessories to help you get the most out of your driving experience. Keep your windows dry and prevent water from leaking inside when it rains.

Make Driving in the Rain More Convenient

The side window and sunroof deflectors keep both wind and rain from entering your vehicle while driving in the rain. They are designed to be as convenient as possible. Install them easily without the needed use of any tools. Additionally, no tape is visible from the outside. The deflectors are a sleek and functional option which takes the appearance of your vehicle into consideration. California Car Covers proudly provides rain deflectors from WeatherTech. We are confident that WeatherTech produces the best and most effective wind & rain deflectors available on the market. Plus, they are available in five different sizes, meaning they can easily fit your vehicle.

Other Benefits of Deflectors

It may seem like rain deflectors are a straightforward product with a singular purpose, but you may be surprised to hear they accomplish a bit more than simply keep rain and wind out. They are lightly tinted, which provides UV protection at the top edge of your windows. Plus, they are designed to reduce heat buildup when your vehicle is parked. In addition to preventing the wind from entering your vehicle, they also reduce the wind noise that can be produced. Finally, the deflectors can be used to provide improved air circulation.

California Car Cover is dedicated to helping all our customers get exactly what they need to enjoy their vehicles to the fullest. From Jeep side mirrors to bike racks and many other interior and exterior accessories. We always strive to provide the best customer service possible, so choose California Car Cover.