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Dash Covers

Dash covers not only to protect your car or truck from harmful UV damage, but they can stylishly cover up damage that has already been done. But dash covers are not just for looks, certain dashboard covers will help insulate your car or truck keeping it warmer in cold winter temperatures, and cooler in hot summer seasons. We carry all the popular types of dash covers including carpet dash covers, velour, suede and DashMats. 

A good-looking interior is just as important in a vehicle as its exterior. The sun’s UV rays fade an unprotected dashboard in time, and wear and tear can happen for a car’s interior even in the best cases. A custom fit dash cover from California Car Covers Co. is the solution, concealing damage already done and guarding against further damage while enhancing comfort and style for you and your front seat passengers.

Shield Your Dash

Few things do as much to ruin a beautiful interior like sunlight. Long-term exposure to UV radiation from the sun damages the plastic that makes up the dashboard, causing vibrant colors to fade into dullness and inducing cracking and peeling across the surface. Even in the short term, a hot summer day can raise the temperature of your car’s interior surfaces to a blistering 145 degrees Fahrenheit - not good for plastic either!

Dash covers circumvent this threat and then some, also hiding any past damage that an older car’s dashboard might have sustained. The fabric cover endures heat and UV rays better than your dashboard would, and is more easily replaceable in a worst-case scenario. The insulation also manages the interior temperature better in both hot and cold seasons, and the surface reduces windshield glare that can be dangerous for a driver. 

Custom Style For You 

As with any other car interior accessories, dash mats are best when they’re made to fit your vehicle. That’s why we custom-design every dash cover we sell to snugly fit in the customer’s car or truck. We also offer various fabrics to use in the cover you order, ranging from smartly designed eco-friendly carpet to rich velour and suede, as well as a generous selection of colors. Don’t just protect your dash - embellish it just as you would the rest of the car, inside and out.