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BMW 3 Series Car Covers

California Car Cover is the World Leader in custom-fit covers. Give your BMW 3 Series nothing but the best fit and materials! Enjoy family friendly service & free shipping. Shop a variety of indoor and outdoor fabrics.

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BMW 3 Series Car Covers

There’s a reason why the BMW 3 Series is the most popular of all the BMW Series. It’s curvy, graceful, and powerful. If you drive one, there’s no question you want it in your life for years to come. Protect and prolong its beauty with a BMW 3 Series car cover.


Covers for All Conditions

The outdoor elements your car is exposed to on a daily basis can wreak havoc. The hot sun can dull paint and deteriorate rubber. Tree sap can eat away at a glossy finish. Pets and kids can scratch the surface. Even when your car is parked inside a garage, it can be dinged by tools, toys, or other vehicles. Dust is an often underestimated enemy, as it has the ability to take the shine out of a delicate paint job. Car covers offer a level of protection against both indoor and outdoor factors that can diminish the good looks that made you fall in love with your car.


Our Car Covers

Our well-stocked inventory is packed with the best BMW car covers. The majority of our orders ship either the same or next-day. Our computer is installed with 100,000 different master patterns, so in the rare case we don’t have your ideal cover in stock, we can custom-make it for you. We pride ourselves on an excellent fit and exceptional customer service. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff members want nothing more than to find you the BMW 3 Series cover that offers the specific kind of protection you need. We want your car cover to last you for years. There are steps you can take to extend its life. Let us teach you how to clean a car cover.

While car covers are essential for storage, we carry a host of protective products you can use while driving. A front end mask can block damage from gravel, rocks, and other minor hazards from diminishing your car’s appearance. Explore our collection of custom bras and masks.