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Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the production time of custom car covers that are not on the shelf is 4 to 6 weeks at this time. We do have thousands of car covers in stock at our warehouse and ready to ship the same day. Please contact us via phone at 800-423-5525 or chat (bottom right corner of the website) for current inventory and availability. Thank you for your patience and understanding at this time.


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Custom Fit Car and Truck Covers 

Even when you’re not driving, your car’s exterior is threatened by weather and nature alike. The sun fades paint jobs and ruins rubber, dust and pollen mar the surface, and curious animals and unaware children scratch or ding the body. At California Car Cover Co., we’ve built our brand on the best car and truck covers using our knowledge of what auto hobbyists and collectors want for their vehicles. We know your passion, and that’s why we match it with our passion for the covers we sell.

Treat your car or truck to a custom fit cover; a perfect complement to your car care routine. Paying close attention to your vehicle’s condition on and especially off the road helps solve and prevent any problems from occurring. A car cover protects both the exterior and interior of your vehicle and can also show off your style, depending on the type of cover you purchase.  Covers come in all different shapes and sizes for a variety of vehicles, such as truck covers and car covers. Look through the myriad of options available today at California Car Cover.

Custom-Made For You

Cars and trucks are not “one size fits all”, and good car covers aren’t either. We design and manufacture custom fitted car covers for any year, make, and model to ensure protection and easy use. A poor fit risks marking the finish you’re trying to protect, so we strive to meet your needs. For auto enthusiasts with rare or classic pieces especially, we provide a fit that can’t be found anywhere else.

There’s more to our custom covers than the fit, though. Our stock of materials runs the whole range in terms of protection and price - from the basic Plushweave car cover for guarding against dust and dings to the weather protection of the Stormweave and the all-around Superweave, there’s something for everyone. If you’re big on exterior modifications, any of our truck covers for sale can be tailored to match. 

Superb Protection

Car covers are perfect for preventing exposure to outside elements, such as hostile weather conditions, thanks to their water-repellent fabrics and overall resiliency. These outdoor car covers are made especially for those who park or store their cars outside. In contrast, indoor car covers also provide satisfactory protection for vehicles that are stored indoors by helping ward off dust and sunlight. Drastic temperature changes cannot inflict damage on a covered car. While other car covers may not fit around a roof rack or a dropped roof, California Car Covers offers custom car covers that can fit perfectly around all kinds of installations.  If you are worried about potential damage to the finish, then you can rest assured with the quality of the fabric cover. Start using a custom fit car cover now by choosing one that thoroughly fits and is suitable for your vehicle type. 

Style Range

Peruse the options available to you in different material type, style and color. Car covers are offered in a stretch weave fabric, cotton flannel, fleece, satin-stretch, PVC and more. Choose from the option of fabric covers made to drape directly or covers made to showcase your car in a controlled environment. These covers are made out of PVC plastics and solid frames and are even equipped with an air ventilation system to reduce the chance of dust settling. Feel free to show off your car in its entirety with a showcase car cover or opt for a more traditional stylistic choice in the form of a car cover design. Classic car covers are available in different colors and designs for your perusal.

Unmatched Expertise

Years of experience and a passion for all things automotive drive our work; we know what car and truck fans want out of their favorite custom car covers because we travel across the nation to shows and swap meets, talking with aficionados of all kinds and staying on top of trends. When we say we know your passion, we mean it. Want to see for yourself? Talk with our sales staff online, or on the phone at (800) 423-5525, and find out what we can do for you.

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