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Check out our great selection of unique clocks and lamps that are sure to brighten up any room or garage. Whether you are looking for neon clocks, double bubble clocks, double sided and branded wall lights, or any vintage style clock, we have something just for you. Never witness a dull moment in time again with these great looking garage clocks and show your brand loyalty with cool pub lights sure to catch your visitors attention.  

Auto enthusiasts love to express themselves and their passion, and not just through their vehicle of choice, either. With an assortment of car collectibles and personalized car signs lining their garage and home, they create a space that mirrors their auto lifestyle in a unique way. Accent the collection of the car fan in your life with any of our various car logo clocks and lamps inspired by both vintage and modern design in automotive industries and accessories.

Vintage Appeal

A rotating pub light is an iconic image and a stylish addition to your indoor space. Our inventory includes a variety of eye-catching pieces fit for a garage, workshop or lounge, all officially licensed with brands from Ford and Chevrolet to Shelby and Sinclair. Both clocks and lamps alike make great details or centerpieces to reflect your style and get guestsattention. The vintage looks are complemented by modern sensibilities in function and manufacturing, so you can always count on them for a light or to tell the time by.

Neonetics Products

A major feature in our inventory is the selection of neon clocks made and designed by Neonetics. Featuring hand-blown rings of real glass neon, each clock is fabulously styled in a classic, distinctive art deco look with a clean glass face and sleek polish. Neonetics designs run the spectrum from simple but bold standardchrome and neon clocks, to officially-licensed vintage brand pieces, to unique art pieces that would be right at home in a 50s-style shiny diner. Hanging in the garage or game room, a Neonetics clock makes a statement and establishes an auto nuts style in a way that few other interior or collectible designers can match. One of these makes an excellent gift for a friend or family members birthday, anniversary or any other occasion you can think of.