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Classic Inspired Automotive T-Shirts

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Classic Inspired Automotive T-Shirts

Serious car and motor enthusiasts know where to go when they need premium accessories for their favorite automobiles. From interior to exterior and from bumper to bumper, California Car Cover brings you the best in high-quality gear at remarkable prices. We understand that your love of a classic, muscle car doesn’t stop at ownership or buying auxiliary items to get the most out of your experience. You want to represent with high-quality clothes that show off your love of classic cars and car-related iconography. When you’re looking for the best classic car apparel online, we are your first and only pit stop.

Show off your dedication to your favorite brand with a comfortable, high-quality T-shirt. Cal Car Cover apparelhighlights retro automotive brands and cars to help you look the part. Whether you’re driving a classic or a car enthusiast at heart, shop for excellent T-shirts for everyday wear or automotive repair projects in your garage.

Mens Classic Car T-Shirts

Men’s T-shirts should be comfortable and fit properly. Look for a work T-shirt to cover with oil and grease or keep it clean and classy. These shirts may bring back memories of classic brands or delight any automotive history buff. Select the men’s T-shirt size that offers a convenient fit.

Enjoy a 100% cotton T-shirt as you work or play. These shirts are all available in a wide range of sizes and are durable enough to be worn on your crawler under a classic car or around town on the weekend. Turn heads and spark memories with these stylish designs that are known and cherished within automotive circles.

Vintage Car T Shirts

Remember old gas station logos and original logos from your favorite auto parts brands? These creative T-shirts promote your favorite brand and bring back vintage logos in a fresh, exciting way. Some shirts use a faded look to show the vintage nature of the design, while others are as vibrant and fresh as they were decades ago. Look for a T-shirt with a large logo and plain back or pick up one with a small logo in the front and a large, highly visible logo in the back.

Crank up the nostalgia with simple designs and iconic branding. Taken from some of the most popular logo and brand designs of the past, these vintage shirts are a testament to the timeless nature of these classic automotive brands. Logos and branding that sold cars, parts and gasoline in the past still inspire passionate car enthusiasts today.

Cool Classic Automotive Shirts

Compare these vintage shirts with modern apparel at Cal Car Cover. Match a classic look with a modern one or go for a full vintage T-shirt collection. Look for white, black, gray, red or other T-shirt colors for a versatile wardrobe of high-quality automotive shirts.

Don’t settle for a modern, generic car T-shirt. Shop for vintage automotive apparelat Cal Car Cover today to enjoy a blast from the past. Select your favorite brand or pick up a whole series of them to highlight your love for all things automotive and retro.

Fashion Statements That Vroom

Vintage and classic car T-shirts not only show off your love for the ride, but they offer timeless style to any wardrobe. A T-shirt featuring bold graphics related to classic vehicles and auto-related symbols makes a great fashion statement all by itself. Pair it with an easy pair of jeans or shorts for the ultimate in casual cool. Enjoying a night out with friends or a hot date? Throw on a blazer with dressy jeans or casual pants for something a bit more sophisticated but just as effortless. It’s no wonder that the rugged good looks of signature vehicles translate to stylish clothing that offers easy fit and easy care.

The Fit

Because we offer several different top-notch brands in the classic t-shirt portion of our store, fitting can be a bit difficult. Furthermore, we have a few different cuts – casual tees and baseball cuts to name a few – which might fit differently. Therefore, if you’re having difficulty deciding on which size to purchase for yourself or a family member, don’t be afraid to call in and reach out to our professional staff members. They can help you find the right fit in any shirt, so you have nothing to worry about beyond deciding on which design-color combination is your favorite.

Gifts for Everyone

Whether it’s the holiday season, a birthday or you just want to show appreciation, browse our inventory of collectibles and gifts. We offer a wide range of products to show that special someone that you care, including vintage-inspired T-shirts. Most of our T-shirts are available in multiple sizes that fit most people of any age group or gender. At California Car Cover, we know that variety is the spice of life and that different folks are into different strokes. We offer shirts featuring graphics from car manufacturers like GM to well-known gas companies like MobilGas for timeless Americana charm. For a small extra charge, we offer gift wrap options, taking the hassle out of gift-giving for our customers.

Shopping With Us

At California Car Cover, we strive to offer you a superior shopping experience. We offer high-quality images of our classic car inspired t-shirts on sale so you can be sure of what you’re buying. Our staff is available to answer questions you might have about a particular product. We provide estimated ship dates and a 90-day return policy to give you confidence about buying from us. You’ve trusted us to outfit your vehicle with beautiful, functional car covers. You deserve to be outfitted just as well.

You should never feel limited when it comes to expressing your love for your hobby. You already protect your beloved classic car with the best car cover accessories, so why not show your love for your passion no matter where you are! 

Classic Inspired Automotive T-Shirts

Since the first automobile hit the dirt road, it gave many people a new passion. While some people go about their day only paying attention to cars to avoid getting a hit, car lovers having a hard time not checking out every car that goes by. Both new old, on the road or circling a track, there is just something special about the design, power and ingenuity of a vehicle. Even if you can’t acquire that classic car, automotive-inspired T-shirts provide a way to share your passion.

Classic Automotive Shirts Are the Perfect Gifts

If you have a car enthusiast in your life, getting the right gift may be hard. If you aren’t one yourself, finding tools, parts or other accessories is best left to the gift receiver. It's not much of a gift if they have to head back to the automotive store to do an exchange or return. Luckily, classic car t shirts are an easy way to help a loved one show off their personality in style. Since most people who love cars tend to make it clear what their favorite brand or model is, you can easily find exactly what you need to put a smile on their face. A gift that incorporates their hobby shows that care and listen to what they have to say.

Classic Car Fashion Statements

Whether a car fan is into vintage racing shirts, enjoys some good humor or will only purchase a vehicle from a specific manufacturer, a shirt with authentic graphics lets others know where your hobbies lie. From classic automotive parts suppliers to old-time gas stations and forgotten race tracks, these shirts keep history alive while also revving up your style. Wearing one makes a statement that you know your stuff and aren’t afraid to teach others about the impact early automotive makers and parts suppliers had on the modern world.

T-Shirt Sizing Guide

While it may be easy to choose the perfect shirt with your favorite logo or artwork, ensuring a good fit isn’t always a simple task. Unfortunately, not every shirt fits the same, nor is every body type the same, but there are some industry standards that make it a little easier. In general, the following chest measurements in inches are used: S, 34-36; M, 38-40; L, 42-44; XL, 46-48; and XXL, 50-52. Size charts also often include width and length. The length is measured from the collar seam to the bottom hem, and the width is the distance between each underarm.