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Car Storage Bags & Capsules

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Car Storage Bags & Capsules

Like other classic car owners, you put forth your best effort to keep your vehicle in outstanding condition. With diligence and the right tools, you ensure that it maintains a showroom-quality look and a pristine finish. Choosing the highest quality storage accessories is also a key part of protecting its finish. When you must park your prized possession outdoors, California Car Cover has your ideal storage solution. Our waterproof outdoor storage bags shield your vehicle against moisture, dust, UV rays and even would-be vandals and thieves.

Classic Car Outdoor Storage

Dust and ultraviolet radiation are your paint job’s two biggest enemies. Over time, dirt and grime can dull your finish’s clear coat. If left to sit, that same dust eventually becomes embedded in your vehicle’s paint and ruins its mint condition look. Ultraviolet rays from the sun cause their own problems: They break down the chemical bonds present in paints and other pigments, causing them to denature and lose their vivid tones. It’s basically like bleaching the color, except minus the chlorine.

Both kinds of damage require restoration from professional autobody paint specialists. Repairs can run into the hundreds or thousands of dollars, especially on classic vehicles with original paint. Investing in one of our outdoor storage capsules is a smart move, saving you a great deal of money in the long run. Our airtight bags and capsules keep dust where it belongs: off your paint finish. Look for models with UV-protective fabric to keep the sun’s rays from ruining the look of your classic auto.

Waterproof Bag For Car

Water and wind can also wreak havoc on your vehicle’s finish, underbody and other components. You already know what happens when moisture meets iron: unsightly and dangerous rust. If you live in coastal regions or areas with extreme seasonal weather, there’s also the risk of damage from salt in the air, saltwater and serious storms with high winds. There’s nothing worse than walking outside and seeing your windshield pelted with a giant stone. Our car capsules and waterproof storage bags guard against water damage. For superior protection in severe weather, choose our Extreme Vehicle Protection 360-degree storage bags designed to keep out water from every angle.

Car Organizer Bag

Besides car storage capsules and bags, California Car Cover has many options for giving your classic vehicle the protection and security it deserves. Choose our custom fit car coversfor both indoor and outdoor storage to keep moisture, dust, sunlight and extreme temperatures at bay while pampering your auto’s finish.

Giving You Shelter

Building a temporary garage to house your car is neither feasible nor practical. Check out our car storage bubbles on sale for a practical way to guard your car from dirt, insects and weather. Perhaps you can’t store your vehicle inside your garage? We have the right storage option made from the best car cover material around to sustain your vehicle’s beauty. Whether you prefer a bag, a bubble or even a framed capsule, you’re sure to find the right product for you.

Premium Protection

When it comes to preserving your vehicle’s appearance, bugs and rain are hardly the only concerning issues. Among our best car capsules and bags, we sell a solution that offers moisture control and anti-rust defense. With rust-inhibiting elements in the material, you’ll love this airtight option for your auto. Are you a collector of antique cars? You’ll want to take a look at our storage bubbles that allows gawkers to look at your beauty without touching. Maybe you need to leave a car behind as you flee the storm? Choose a bag that yields 360 degrees of security, safeguarding your car from flooding.

Vehicles of Every Size and Shape

Our storage options come in a range of sizes and shapes to protect your particular auto. We offer indoor and outdoor motorcycle capsules, specially designed for your favorite bike. Many of our storage bags are available in multiple sizes. We even sell a storage bubble for your boat. We know that you don’t want to mess around with special tools. Our storage bags and capsules require no assembly and include all items needed for erection. At California Car Cover, we’ve got you covered. Literally!

Keep Prying Eyes Away

If you own a classic car or a sports car, you may not drive it every day. Keeping your vehicle in a garage helps protect it from thieves and vandals. Of course, if you don’t have a garage, you must do other things to keep prying eyes away. By investing in an outdoor car capsule, you can protect your prized vehicle from anyone who has nefarious intentions. Made with innovative security features, these pods act as a makeshift garage, helping you safeguard your valuable vehicle.

Stop Rust and Fading

Criminals aren’t your only concern. To keep your vehicle looking and running its best, you must combat rust, fading, and other deterioration. An anti-rust storage bag is your first line of defense. Since these bags use cutting-edge rust-prevention technology, they keep oxidation from taking hold. Even if you aren’t worried about rust, you need to protect your vehicle’s interior and exterior from damaging UV rays. Car storage bags have the thickness and durability you want to preserve your vehicle’s paint and fabrics. For a two-wheel vehicle, choose motorcycle covers that fit perfectly to keep your bike in great condition during long-term storage.

The Original Car Storage Bubble

Ownership of a classic car is all about the restoration and maintenance. As an owner, you spend considerable time and money into getting things just right when it comes to replacement parts and accessories. Unlike a standard family vehicle, your vintage automobile is probably not being driven on a regular basis, so car storage is an important part of your car care regimen. Your vehicle needs a storage solution that helps preserve its classic good looks. It needs protection from harsh environmental elements such as ultraviolet rays, stormy weather and certain “gifts” from birds flying overhead. Your ride also needs a defense from theft and vandalism. You may or may not have sufficient garage space and a carport offers so-so coverage. California Car Cover is the first name in premium accessories for vintage automobiles, built on bringing quality products such as the original car bubble for the ultimate in vehicle protection.

Simple Affordable Storage

You’ve put considerable money into your automobile because it’s deserving of the best fittings and fixtures to look its absolute best. While you may have a garage or carport to store your classic vehicle, these structures may not meet your needs. Shoving your vintage auto into a cramped garage where it may be dinged, scratched or bumped by other objects isn’t the move. Meanwhile, carports only offer overhead protection from the weather and birds, but they provide almost nothing in the way of security. California Car Cover brings you a range of storage solutions that are not only affordable but simple to use. Vintage car storage shouldn’t take a degree in rocket science. We offer everything from a classic outdoor car bubble to storage bags that are compatible with vehicles of various shapes, sizes and configurations.

Is a Car Storage Bubble Worth It?

You may wonder if a car capsule solution is worth the price. If you don’t have a garage to store your vehicle, then a storage bubble or bag will almost certainly be a faster and more affordable option than building a storage space. Consider the cost to replace your vehicle if it’s stolen, as well as the cost for repairs if it’s damaged by outdoor elements or an attempted robbery. The peace of mind that comes with a car capsule solution is worth the price alone. California Car Cover understands your needs as a classic car owner. We offer customized car covers at remarkable prices that you’re sure to love. There’s no threat to your vehicle that’s worth leaving it exposed. Trust us to help you find the right accessories for your classic auto every time.


Add Important Accessories

You probably don’t only want to keep your vehicle covered. Rather, you likely want to protect your cargo until you reach your destination. Tonneau covers disguise and safeguard anything you choose to carry in the bed of your truck. With the right accessories, you can be certain you are getting the most out of your car, truck, or 4X4.

Car Storage Bags & Capsules

Car storage bags and capsules allow you to protect your pride and joy and keep it in tip-top condition, whether it's a brand new model or a vintage classic. These high-quality indoor and outdoor storage accessories provide premium, convenient protection at a much lower price than high-end climate-controlled storage facilities. Available in a range of sizes and shapes, they fit your vehicle no matter its make, model and year. Here's the lowdown on these versatile vehicle accessories.

What are Car Capsules?

Car capsules are physical storage bubbles for your car or motorbike. From portable inflatable storage capsules that you can use for indoor or outdoor car storage to indoor capsules that feature a soft frame and lights, there's a product for your vehicle and needs. Many car or motorbike owners don't have the indoor floor space to accommodate their vehicle, which is where outdoor car capsules come in handy. For owners who have the indoor floor space but lack the right storage conditions, the indoor car capsule is a simple and cost-effective solution.

How Do Car Capsules Protect Your Vehicle?

Car capsules protect your vehicle from a variety of risks or threats. For example, outdoor capsules not only protect your vehicle from dust, moisture, pollen and UV rays but also thieves and vandals. Dust, pollen and UV rays are among the biggest threats to your vehicle when you place it in outdoor vehicle storage without protection. A grain of dust or pollen can compromise the tiniest weak spot in your vehicle's clear finish coat and affect the paintwork over time. Similarly, UV rays can compromise your vehicle's paint job and moisture and wind can cause body damage like rust from salt and other forms of debris. While indoor storage is typically free from the ravages of UV rays and wind, car capsules provide extra protection against dust and moisture.

Benefits of Car Storage Bags

As you can see, the advantages of car storage bags are numerous. Here's a rundown of the most compelling benefits:

  • Permanent or portable indoor and outdoor storage
  • Protection from natural elements such as insects, UV rays, moisture and wind
  • Protection from airborne particulates such as debris, dust and pollen
  • Protection from human threats such as vandalism or theft
  • Available in a range of sizes to accommodate cars, motorbikes and even boats!
  • Lower cost and more convenient than rental storage facilities

Ready to look for the storage bag or capsule that's right for your car, motorbike or boat? Browse Cal Car Cover's inventory today to find the perfect product.