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Car Interior Detailing

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Most auto owners would agree there’s nothing quite like the smell of your car when it’s new. Extend or bring back that pleasant scent and keep your vehicle looking its best with car interior detailing. Nothing shows that you take excellent care of your vehicle more than a spotless, aromatic interior. Use the best tools to detail the interior of your car and impress your buddies the next time you offer to drive.

Tools for Cars of All Types

Apply the appropriate type of cleaner for the interior of your car. Put our leather car seat cleaner to good use if the inside of your car is leather to keep it supple, shiny and ready for a night on the town. For vinyl upholstery, use a combination of our vinyl conditioner and stain guard to protect your vehicle when your friend spills his coffee or tracks in dirt. Our car care kits are designed to keep everything from motorcycles to trucks looking snazzy and well maintained. They are compact and portable so you can keep them on hand in case of a rough day on the road. They also make perfect gifts for the auto enthusiasts in your life.

Put on the Finishing Touches

Take care of every inch of your car with the help of our micro fiber duster that can pick up the tiny specks that are tough to get with a normal cloth. After you’ve cleaned the rest of your vehicle, going over everything with a duster can eliminate all the dust displaced during the detailing process. Dry your vehicle off after washing it with our water absorbing cloths for cars and trucks to keep it from looking spotty. This is a great way to fool your coworkers into thinking it was professionally cleaned. Another trick to having a flawless finish is to soak up water in areas that are hard to reach like the grilles and recessed areas with smaller cloths. Paying attention to those minor details is just one more way to make your crew take notice of your ride.