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Sometimes your car can’t make it around the garage on its own four wheels, and that’s when you need garage accessories such as a car dolly rack. Using tire dollies, you can skate and tow your car safely from point A to point B while it’s being serviced or repaired. Looking for something a bit more heavy-duty? You may be looking for a car body rotisserie rack. It’s easy to paint, detail, and repair your car body when you can rotate it on a rotisserie rack to reach it at all angels.

Mount and Rack Your Dollies

Having a good car dolly system in place is essential to any garage, but you also need proper dolly storage. That’s why we have a selection of car dolly racks, including standalone and wall-mounted. This includes the GoJack car dolly rack, which can store up to four GoJack car dollies of any model. Car dolly racks are essential to maintaining garage safety, when having wheeled dollies underfoot, unchecked, and unsecured can lead to accidents and other dangerous situations you want to avoid. Using a car dolly rack means preventing potentially unsafe situations and circumventing harm to yourself, your staff, and your equipment.

Need More Garage Accessories?

Dollies and dolly racks aren’t the only things needed to keep your garage in top form. has an extensive range of garage supplies and accessories, including tool storage for sale. We also have rubber floor mats, garage door screens, fire extinguishers, rolling fuel containers, locking key cabinets, and many more. Worried about the elements or that older drafty garage door? Try our threshold seal. Supplies a disorganized mess? We have a wide range of multi-purpose standalone and wheeled wire shelving to help you get your act together. Make sure your garage is fully stocked with the supplies and accessories you need to make vehicle storage and maintenance convenient, simple, safe, and secure.