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Having a car cover is excellent, having accessories that can hold it in place, locks to keep is safe, and bags to conveniently travel with it, along with other accessories, bring your car cover to another level of comfort and protection. Browse the great selection of accessories we offer to keep your ride in brand new condition. We also carry storage bags and capsules for the toys you plan to store long term. Here at California Car Covers, not only do we pride ourselves on great service, but we also offer free shipping on orders over $199!

Whether you own a new vehicle or have a collection of antique cars, you are serious about vehicles. To keep your car in great shape, you know you must combat theft and prevent deterioration. A car cover is your first line of defense against the sun, weather, and criminals. When you are ordering the right cover for your vehicle, however, you must also invest in some car cover accessories.

Cover Your Car Cover

Your vehicle’s cover keeps your car looking and functioning great. When the cover is deployed, it also looks clean, neat, and tidy. Of course, if you wad up the cover and throw it in the corner of your garage, you destroy its appearance. Instead of making your shop look like a landfill, purchase a car cover duffle bag. With one of these durable, strong bags, you easily stow the car cover until you are ready to use it again. If you want to take the cover with you, you can easily tuck the duffle inside your trunk or backseat. 

Identify Your Vehicles

Car covers are tremendously effective at disguising the make and model of any vehicle. As a car owner, you appreciate the camouflage, as hiding a vehicle helps deter theft and vandalism. If you have many covered cars, though, you may have a difficult time identifying the vehicle. With an identification tag, you can easily determine which vehicle is under which cover.

Prevent Car Theft

Since you don’t want criminals to have access to your vehicles, you need to keep them covered. Allowing bad actors to easily remove a cover is unacceptable. With a car cover lock & key system, you keep your vehicle’s cover securely in place. Remember, you don’t want to leave any of your vehicles exposed. When you are ordering covers for your cars, shop for motorcycle covers and golf cart covers. With a bit of work, you can boost your peace of mind and protect your valuable investments.