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Car Care Kits

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Car Care Kits

You invested time and thought into your car. Don't let it diminish. Keep it clean with one of the premium car care kits at California Car Cover. You get to enjoy a looks-like-new space. Plus, you increase your car's resale value.

Reasons it's Important to Invest in Car Care Kits

It's hard to know which products work best and what should be done regularly. With a car care kit, it's laid out for you. Avoid stocking up on duplicate items or missing a key component. When it's all together, life is simple, and cleaning becomes more efficient. Getting everything as one often saves money because everything is grabbed at once.

How to Protect & Keep Your Car Looking New

Set aside time regularly to tend to your vehicle. Dirt and dust scratch the exterior, so allowing that buildup to sit poses harm to the exterior's look. To avoid paint damage, wash the vehicle regularly. Cars lose value when they have more stains. Kids drop drinks and snacks. Sand and dirt grind into the carpet. By eliminating these blemishes early, the flooring and seating may continue to look pristine, maintaining the car's value.

How to Detail Your Car Yourself

Start with a meticulous cleaning of the inside. Vacuum up the dirt. Sometimes debris sticks to the carpeting. Use something to dislodge it from the crevices. Follow up with the cleaner's crevice tool. Wipe the interior with a microfiber cloth. Clean fabrics with a cleaner, wash out the cup holders and wipe down vents and panels. Be sure to use a clay bar to pick up lingering dirt.

With the inside set, move to the outside. Give a thorough wash with soap and water, and then use a polish kit to create a luster. Scrub windows, and use a wheel kit to remove grim.

At California Car Cover, we know that owners deserve to afford proper care. That's why we stock high-quality car kits to suit all of your needs. Keep your ride looking great by cleaning it often.

Browse our great selection of car care kits from all the top brands like Golden Shine, Zymol, RUPES, and P21S. Whether you need a starter kit, or a premium deluxe kit, you’ll find what you need right here. At California Car Covers, we are dedicated to keep your ride shining brighter for longer. Don’t hesitate to call, chat, or email us, we’d love to help!