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Let your car shine like it did the very first day you drove it off the lot! Take a look at our large selection of car care and cleaning products that are sure to make your shine car like it did when you two first met. We have everything you need to fall in love all over again, from convertible cleaners, vacuums, waxes, polishes, Zymol and even car care kits. Don’t let your ride go another day without that sparkle that caught your eye.

Car Care & Cleaning Products

There’s nothing like cruising down the road in a sparkling, shining, well-cared for car, but car care doesn’t happen on its own. We want you to have the satisfaction of giving your vehicle all the careful attention it needs. To help you accomplish the goal of keeping your car at its ultimate appearance we carry a wide variety of car care and cleaning products.

Just What You’re Looking For

We carry most if not all of the automobile cleaning supplies you’re going to need for your car. From large sets of microfiber rags and clothes, to car dusters, and shining and waxing products, you should be able to find just what you’re looking for.

A few of the many products we offer include:

We also carry products that may be specific to your particular car. For example we offer RAGGTOPP Convertible Top Fabric Care Kit and 303® Vinyl Convertible Top Care Kit specifically to help with the care of convertible tops. Check out our products and you’ll likely find that we have something that can be specifically beneficial to your car. We have products not only for the exterior paint, trim, and wheels of your vehicle, but for the interior seats and dash too. You, your passengers, and people who you pass on the road will all see the difference in your pristinely cared for vehicle. 

Don’t settle for mediocre car care. At California Car Cover we should have all the products you need to care for your vehicle. We carry different brands and products to help you find what is right both for you and for your car. We offer large sets of cleaning supplies that are commonly used together to help you get a good deal on convenient amounts of all the supplies you want.