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You love your car or truck and want to keep it looking as pristine as possible. At California Car Cover, we completely understand and feel the same way. That is why we provide such a wealth of products to help you keep your vehicle clean, polished, and absolutely shining. So turn some heads by getting the exact buffers, polishers, and pads you need from our store.

Your Car Buffing Toolbox

There are so many different tools available for keeping your car looking as nice as the day you bought it. Using one of the car buffers we offer is a great way to give your vehicle that sheen that is hard to achieve. We also offer a wide range of polishing pads to give you as much choice as possible for how finely you polish your car. A medium grade pad provides a different kind of finish than a fine grade pad. We also sell several different polishing kits, which each provide everything you need to get started immediately, including the rotary car polisher, multiple pads, polishing solution, and polishing towel. We also feature multiple different kinds of polishers from several different reputable manufacturing, giving you the ability to review the different advantages each provides and choose the one that meets your needs best.

Maintaining Your Vehicle

California Car Cover provides even more ways for you to keep your vehicle looking its best. We offer other car detailing tools, including steamers, brushes, and door guards. We also give you tools to maintain the inside of your vehicle too, such as the leather car seat cleaner. No matter what your needs are, California Car Cover will work hard to meet them. We put customer service first, so you can count on having any issues you may run into resolved. Choose California Car Cover and keep your vehicle as pristine as possible.