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Kill two birds with one stone at California Car Covers, we got both your ride and you head covered! Whether you are a die hard Ford, Chevy, or Mopar guy, we've got something that will show off your love of going fast.

Hats are important for a variety of reasons, offering shelter from the blazing rays of the sun or keeping bed head at bay when there’s just no time for styling in the morning. Regardless of the reason, owning a collection of baseball caps, beanies and other styles of hats is essential to have available for all occasions. Thankfully, our large assortment of car-themed apparel includes plenty of hats to suit your liking, designed with popular brand names and logos you’d be happy to show off as the beloved car enthusiast you are.

Stick to One Brand or Support Them All

As true car lovers can attest, having a personal preference for one certain model and make of a car is pretty standard. However, when it comes to your wardrobe, having a favorite vehicle model doesn’t mean you can’t support a variety of brands in the automotive industry through your clothes. Fulfill your lifelong goal of assembling a vast array of car hats including Chevy Camaro hats, Ford logo hats and Dodge truck hats. Go all out and pick up a style or color for every brand, dedicating yourself to the cause and supporting the entire auto brand market for the sake of simply being a loyal fan.

Take Cover for Optimal Protection, But Don’t Disregard Style

Taking care of your body is necessary to sustain a long and healthy life, and keeping your head protected from the elements is an important part of this daily regimen. Stock up on caps and other car apparel accessories that will do you the honor of both shielding your head from the extreme sun or frigid cold while also representing your favorite car brand. Whether you get stuck outdoors on a windy day, are working hard in sweat-inducing temperatures or you simply enjoy not having to stress over your hairstyle for a day, invest in a stylish car cap or hat you won’t mind throwing on at a moment’s notice.