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California Jelly Blades

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Dry your car more efficiently than ever before! The Original California Jelly Blades and Original California Dry Blades are designed with high quality 100% medical silicone material made specifically for people who care about their cars. If you’re the type of person who likes to dry their vehicle and not see water streaks or scratches, these products are made for you. Get your car looking spotless with less hassle and be able to rest easy knowing you have the quality and durability of the Original California Jelly Blades. 

California Jelly Blades

When you want to keep your vehicle clean, using the line of car cleaning products by California Car Cover Co. helps your car to look freshly washed long after you have actually washed it. When it is time to give your vehicle a wash, use California Jelly Blades to dry it in a fraction of the time it takes to use a towel. Our line of quality products makes detailing your car quick and easy, allowing your vehicle to look its best long after you wash it.


While our car squeegee blade is not the only one on the market, we have re-designed and re-engineered our model to create the best version possible. Other styles may not dry water as quickly, and they may even scratch the paint on your vehicle, but our silicone design removes water without scratching or streaking the car. Our many features, including the V-shape design and a handle extender for hard-to-reach places, make our silicone car squeegee the best on the market.


For people who are interested in auto detailing, we have great value offers to include some of our best products. Purchase a combination that includes our jelly blade and our Original California Car Duster® to keep your vehicle looking shiny and new all of the time. Shine up your ride using our Golden Shine Dry & Shine Kit, or purchase the California Car Duster Complete Kit to meet all of your detailing needs.

Keep Your Vehicle Clean

Most people take pride in the appearance of their vehicle, so California Car Cove Co. has created quality products to help make detailing your car faster and easier. Trust our products like the car water-drying squeegee to perform well without damaging the paint to your vehicle. California Jelly Blades strip water from your vehicle quickly to leave it looking brand new and freshly washed for a long period of time.