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California Car Dusters

The original California Car Duster is the perfect way to ensure your car is looking clean long after you wash it.  Not only does our car duster have paraffin wax-coated cotton filaments that don't scratch your car, but they have an average life of 15 years! With a major reduction in water usage and number of times you need to wash your car, these easy to use car dusters save you time and money.

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The Original California Car Duster® allows your car to look like it just got washed well after you have actually washed it. Although California auto dusters keep your car looking freshly washed, be careful, don’t settle for cheap auto duster imitations that just push dirt around without actually picking it up. Some imitations have even been known to scratch the paint. So not only are these the Original Car Dusters, but they are still the best! Don’t ruin your ride trying to save a buck. Instead, over time limit the number of washes, save water and save a lot more money with these durable dusters who have an average life of 15 years. If you need help finding the perfect items, feel free to call us toll free and we’ll be glad to lend a helping hand!

Our car dusters provide an easy way to keep your vehicle free of dirt, dust and debris while maintaining the scratch-free integrity of your exterior paint. With an average life of up to 15 years, their unique paraffin wax-coated cotton filaments allow you to easily preserve cleanliness by reducing the frequency of washes so you save time, money and water. We maintain a full line designed to satisfy all of your waterless car cleaning needs.

Many Sizes

To ensure that you can access every inner and outer area while avoiding dreaded airborne dust clouds, we offer mini, original, super and extendable reach sizes. Effortlessly remove dust from motorcycles, dashboards, blinds, computers, corners, appliances and other difficult spaces with our mini. Clean the outside of any vehicle or indoor surface with our original and access RVs, motorhomes and challenging household areas such as high corners, shelves, fans and windowsills with our extendable style. Our round, oversized super alternative is also perfect for trucks, RVs and SUVs, and comes with an expedient case.

Numerous Options 

Choose from plastic or wooden handles along with a variety of head shapes. The forked structure of our wheel style clinches around surfaces to handle two sides at once, making it an efficient and effective choice for racks, wheels and grilles.

Combos, Sets and Kits

Unsure which product to select even after reading our many positive customer car duster reviews? We’ve got you covered. To maximize convenience, we’ve assembled handy combos and sets designed to keep you fully equipped and dust-free. Our auto detailing kit combo includes cotton outer and inner dash dusters that leave your vehicle spotless both inside and out. We also stock best seller, complete and home care kits to satisfy your domestic and auto needs. With our vast inventory and fast shipping, we get orders into your hands quickly. Don’t delay. Browse and find what you need today.