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Rat Wax

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Rat Wax ® No Shine Detailer and No Shine Soap are the first products of their kind.  They are designed specifically for vehicles with matte paints & vinyl wraps.  Rat Wax ® cleans and protects in one easy step. First, Rat Wax removes dirt, dust, water spots, grease, tar, fingerprints, grime, oil, fuel, & bird droppings from your vehicle's unique finish.  Second, Rat Wax leaves a clean natural look and an invisible layer of UV protection against the fade of the sun, rain, and other harsh elements. 

Flat, matte, and satin finishes normally have a very thin and porous coating, so you need to be extremely careful in what you use on them.  Most waxes, detailers, and soaps, have either gloss enhancers or cleaning agents that do not have neutral pH levels, which will damage these types of finishes, by changing its original sheen to a shine. That’s not something you want, since it can’t be undone.  BE SAFE!  Only use Rat Wax ®
No Shine products to wash and clean your vehicles.