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Enjoy fast shipping & family friendly service on all Camisasca License Plate Frames at California Car Cover Company. Made in the USA!

38+ years of experience in manufacturing quality metal license plate frames, along with direct private label vehicle manufacture supply programs, has made Camisasca the industry experts on this product line. All this experience has been channeled into the design, materials, and manufacturing processes we use to produce our line of frames. Below are a few of these quality features for your consideration when you choose a US license plate frame.

1. Camisasca uses only the highest grade of rust resistant 304 stainless steel, which compared to lower grades of stainless steel like 400 series has a very low iron content. This grade of 300 series stainless steel is also supplemented with the addition of corrosion resistant nickel. The combination of materials to produce 300 series non-magnetic stainless steel makes this grade extremely corrosion resistant, and able to withstand the many harsh environments that your frame will be exposed to. Do not be fooled by other stainless steel frames available on the market, as not all grades of stainless steel are alike!

2. Camisasca uses 20 gauge thick material to ensure that the frame is rigid enough to protect your plate against the perils of car washes, road debris, and parking lot mishaps. And, all of the Camisasca license frames are edged deburred to remove sharp edges to avoid handling concerns during installation and hand car washes. Many of competitors use thinner gauges of stainless steel without deburring the sharp edges, ouch!

3. Camsiasca license frame designs have been fine tuned to fit all 50 US State plates including Canada. The variety of frame styles they offer guarantees we have a frame to meet all of your local DMV requirements, such as issues of blocking important plate information, and register tags locations. Additional features like backside lower plate holding tabs, and slotted frame mounting holes ensure a perfect fit and a secured license plate within the frame. Having the wrong DMV compliant frame style and an improper fit on your vehicle can be a real bummer!

4. All of the Camisasca license frames include “patented hardware hider caps”, and upper and lower license plate anti-vibration spacers. These added installation aids assist to create a cleaner looking frame by hiding away ugly mounting screws, and the plate spacers assist in a vibration free plate and frame combination. Quality is measured in these sort of fine details, no other competitor measures up!