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BLT Better Life Technology

Enjoy fast shipping & family friendly service on BLT Better Life Technology garage flooring at California Car Cover Company. made in the USA!

BLT offers a waterproof, durable flooring for your space. Hide floor imperfections, permanently cover a space from wall-to-wall, accent with a free-floating mat, or create a custom tiled look for your office or a luxurious home retreat. G-Floor® is made with single piece construction so there are no weak points, for long lasting beauty and protection. This waterproof flooring can be used to cover old stained floors or used to prevent future damage, and look good doing it!

Engineered differently, the BLT Better Life Technology G-Floor® roll-out flooring is the Gold Standard of flooring guaranteed to outlast and outperform other vinyl flooring products on the market today. Unlike competitors using fillers, laminate or quality material only on the top 10-20% of their product, BLT G-Floor® is purposefully-designed and Made in the USA, made of a thick, solid, 100% polyvinyl. Although the others may look fine on the surface, fragile filler materials compacted together inside vinyl flooring actually decrease product longevity. G-Floor® won’t crack, peel, split or deteriorate like others, and is lightweight and recyclable.