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When you love cars, that passion goes beyond repairs or car shows and continues to your reading materials and calendar. Automotive books, like a hot rod book, allow you to learn more about different types of vehicles and show off your enthusiasm, while car calendars display your love of cars and serve a purpose. Whether you are shopping for yourself or another car enthusiast, our selection of books and calendars are designed to help make a statement.

Learn More and Show Off

Car and racing enthusiasts know that it’s important for a vehicle to have the right equipment under the hood while also being visually appealing. Whether you want books and calendars to learn more about the cars and drivers you love, or to make a statement in your home or office, like the best cars our books and calendars have substance and style. Learn about legends of the screen and race track like Paul Newman, or about high performance cars like those from Shelby. Or, revel in and show off the beauty and art of muscle cars and racing cars. Our books are as beautiful as they are informative, providing you a chance to not only learn more but to showcase your passion for cars and racing.

Bring Along a Book

Gone are the days of leaving your books at home because you have no place to store them at the stadium or barbecue. Our selection of folding chairs with large side flaps and folding side tables let you bring your newest car art book or racing star biography along with you. Get in a little reading while you wait for friends or family to arrive, or marvel with your friends over the sleek curves of your favorite cars. When you get home, add a car picture & art or gas station signs to your garage or man cave to live the car and racing life full-time.