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Why Do I Need A Car Cover?

Why Do I Need A Car Cover?

Before we get around to giving you all the details of the different varieties of car covers, how to use them properly, and so on, we figured we should make the argument of why you need to buy the car cover in the first place.

Cars are very expensive, there is no doubt about that. So why not help your car to not only last longer, but to also continue to look much better over the years. You would be surprised by the small things that can lead to short and long term damage of your car. The following are just a few of the many factors that car covers can protect against.

By far, the best reason to buy a car cover is to protect against weather. No matter what climate you have to deal with, your car has to take a beating from the elements and will show signs of this battle sooner than later. The sun’s UV rays are very harmful on the exterior and interior of your car, damaging and dulling your paint job and drying out the materials of your seats, possibly leading to cracking and peeling. Maybe the exterior coat of your car might not deal with the sun as much as snow and rain, but this is still very bad for your car. The extra moisture can also damage the finish of your car. Either way, cold or hot, your car needs protecting.

Another great reason to cover your car is to protect it from bird droppings and the inevitable coating of dust or pollen. Instead of having to constantly wash your car, you can buy a machine washable car cover that takes care of the mess for you. And speaking of mess, if you have children and they have the ability to be anywhere near your car, you should definitely protect your car from dents, dings, scratches, and fingerprints. Even you might make a mistake at one point and we guarantee you will be thankful for the protection the next time you accidentally bump your bike up against the car.

Animals also love to hang out around cars. From cats to squirrels to chipmunks, they all like to take a pit stop on the tops of vehicles. This can lead to scratching and the addition of extra dirt and dust that you can damage your car. Prevent all of this with your car cover and you can rest assured that your car will be safe from the animal kingdom. Or at least from the neighborhood cat.

Whatever your reason is, it is always a good choice to cover your car and protect it from being dulled and damaged. We here at California Car Covers know how much you love your car and we want your relationship to last as long as possible. And it doesn’t hurt that your SCO (significant car other) will stay young and beautiful for even longer.


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