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What Are the Best Windshield Sun Shades? Custom Fit vs. Universal

What Are the Best Windshield Sun Shades? Custom Fit vs. Universal


No matter where you live, it's likely you know the feeling of climbing into a scorching hot car. Temperatures can rise quickly, making driving unpleasant and stifling, to say the least. This is where a fitted windshield sun shade can save the day.


Windshield sun shades come in a variety of types, and it may be overwhelming to determine which are the best and which are ideal for your car. Here are a few helpful tips to help you pick the best sun shade for your needs.


Custom Fit


A windshield sun shade allows you to get a precise fit for your particular car. Based on your vehicle's make, model, and year, a custom car sun shade will be a perfect fit for your car's windshield. Custom fit shades also offer a few options for storage:


  • Foldable – panels fold flat, making it ideal to tuck into thin areas
  • Roll-up – easily stores in tight spaces, and unrolls along the windshield for easy placement
  • Retractable – no storage necessary as the sun shade latches to a mounting bracket and slides open and closed


Additionally, custom sun shades can come with printed logos, such as Ford, Corvette, or Carhartt, to add a unique flair. If a perfect, tailored fit is important to you, a custom fit sun shade may be the right choice.




Universal folding sun shades provide a quick and easy way to protect your car from the sun and UV rays. Found in two different sizes, a universal windshield shade can easily be transferred between multiple cars, keep your dashboard and interior from fading, and provide privacy from the outside onlookers. If you have a common car model or simply need protection fast, a universal sun shade can be a great option for you.


Selecting the best custom windshield sun shade doesn't have to be difficult. Contact California Car Cover today to learn more about our wide variety of windshield shades and place an order today.