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What Are the Best Car Covers for the Desert?

What Are the Best Car Covers for the Desert?


If you live in the desert, you know that heat, intense sun exposure, and dust can impact your car as much as it can your home and you, for that matter. Parking your car outside leaves it vulnerable to interior and exterior damage, which is why a quality car cover is a smart investment. A custom car cover is the best way to protect your car from the sun, especially if you know what features are worth the money.

Under the Desert Sun

What’s the big deal about the extreme conditions of a desert environment? The sun is relentless, and the UV rays that are so harmful for your skin are also harmful to the inside and outside of your car. Sun damage can include faded paint and intense heat trapped inside that can crack the panels on the doors, dashboard, and other interior surfaces.


The desert is also a dusty, sandy place, leaving your car constantly coated in dirt and debris. With custom fit car covers, you can offer your auto, truck, or SUV a much-needed respite from the elements. 

Know Your Needs 

Before you start looking for the best outdoor summer car cover, you should consider what your needs are. If your car is garage kept, for example, you may not need the same level of protection as you would if you park your car outside without any shade. Ask yourself these questions to determine what kind of car cover is right for you: 


Decide how you intend to use the cover. Do you need a heavy-duty one for a car that stays outside, or would a lightweight one for a garage suffice?

Is your car a daily driver, a joy ride, or a collectible? How you use the car can be just as important as where you park it.

Do you need a complete all-over car cover for long-term storage, or would you do better with custom windshield sun shade for protection from the sun and a cooler interior when you are away from home?

What about the weather conditions where you live? Is it primarily hot and dry, or do you have a rainy season? What about your elevation? Do you experience snowfall as well as extreme sunshine?


Once you understand how you intend to use a car cover, you can start searching for the cover with the features that offer the best protection. 

Your Quest for Quality

Car covers may be customizable for your make and model of vehicle as well as for indoor or outdoor use. Look for covers with materials that are breathable so that moisture won’t get trapped underneath it. Reflective material can make the best car cover for extreme sun a more practical choice than a heavy waterproof one that can raise the temperature inside the vehicle. Decide if you need extra protection from dings, which may be more important for car owners with small children or trees that shed pine cones and branches. 

Once you know what kind of custom fit car covers are right for you, visit our website to see the selection of covers and shades we offer. With plenty of custom fit car covers for most makes and models, we can help you protect your car from the elements in any climate.


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