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The Best Material for Seat Covers

The Best Material for Seat Covers

If you don’t currently use car seat covers, the term likely conjures in your mind an image of the ill-fitting and ugly cover of days gone by. Fortunately, the custom fit seat covers of today provide all the protective power of a cover without the eyesore. They are great for keeping your car interior fresh for longer. Below are some guidelines on picking the right material.

Washable Seat Covers 

If you are looking for a seat cover that you can use when you go to the beach or return from a hike, a washable cover is probably the right choice. These are easy to put on and take off and can be washed very easily.

Many washable seat coversfeature a cotton terrycloth towel front that will catch any water, dirt or debris that may be clinging to you. If you have a nice, clean car interior, the last thing you want to do is hop in while your clothes and the backs of your legs are dirty. This is a great solution to that problem.

Neoprene & Neosupreme Seat Covers

If you’ve ever worn a wetsuit (or seen one for that matter), you are familiar to neoprene. Genuine neoprene is waterproof, durable and very form-fitting. That is why it is used in some of the best seat covers for cars and trucks. Custom fit neoprene seat covers fit over your seats like a glove. They look great, are comfortable and do an excellent job of protecting your interior. 

Neosupreme includes a blend of polyester along with neoprene-like materials. This material isn’t quite as cushiony as neoprene but is very resilient. It is also typically less expensive than neoprene. If you like outdoor sports, having young children or otherwise expect regular messes,neoprene & neosupreme seat covers are right for you.

Luxury Seat Cover Materials

Seat covers aren’t just for protecting your seats. They can be comfortable and attractive too. While neoprene offers a sporty look, leather seat covers provide a more luxurious aesthetic. Again, these are available as a custom fit, so they match your seats perfectly based on your vehicle model. There are imitation leather seat covers as well if you prefer not to use the genuine material.

Alternatively, try suede or velour seat covers. These also offer a luxurious feel but with the warmth and softness of fabric. Custom fit seat covers give you a lot of options for customizing, improving and protecting your vehicle’s interior. 

Get Your Seat Covers Today

No matter what your preference in material is, you can find top-notch seat covers. They are one of the best ways to have more control over the look, feel and durability of your car or truck seats. Since you no longer have to settle for ill-fitting covers that are barely more than bags over your seats, you can feel confident that your vehicle’s seats will look good.

There is almost no reason not to add some seat covers to your car or truck. You’ll be glad you did when your interior continues to look great even after thousands of miles. Get yours today.


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