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My Car Cover Saved My Car

My Car Cover Saved My Car

Dear California Car Cover,
I am writing to let you know, The cover purchased from you 10 years ago did a excellent job of protecting my 1970 Buick GSX show car. The car was stored in an area with a 8 foot ceiling and fluorescent shop style lights. After noticing a light out and making my way to the rear of the car, I was shocked to find a 4 ft bulb had somehow come out of the fixture and fallen onto my GSX.

The bulb was the kind with 2 small prongs on the end. And appeared to have landed on the peak of the quarter panel. As the damage was already done, I was in no mood to lift the cover and look at what I knew was a dent and scratched paint. After coming to grips with how much damage I might find I started cleaning up the mess.

After removing the broken bulb, and vacuuming the cover so as not to unintentionally get a small piece of glass on the car removing the cover. I lifted the cover and to my surprise the cover had protected the car. No Dent. No scratches. Nothing.

This cover was advertised to save a car from small incidents and it more than lived up to its claims. I currently have 9 of your covers and will (defiantly) never consider another brand of cover other than California Car Cover after this incident.

I have attached photos of how I found the car and what was underneath.

Thank You
W. Roberts


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