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Is It Okay to Put a Car Cover on a Wet Car?

Is It Okay to Put a Car Cover on a Wet Car?

In a perfect world, you'd never have to think about how to put on a car cover when your vehicle's wet. Generally, it's best to cover your vehicle after you've dried it with a microfiber drying towel. However, you may be one of many car or truck owners living in a wet locale without the luxury of indoor storage space. Street parking may be the only option for you, and there may be times you need to cover your car while it's wet. Happily, some versatile, high-technology options are available to

Outdoor Covers

A car cover that's designed for outdoor use can withstand the elements while giving your vehicle long-lasting protection and security. In contrast with indoor car covers, the outdoor varieties stand out for their extreme durability and breathability. They're also easy to use, taking only a minute to install. When you want protection for your vehicle while it's stored outside, an outdoor car cover is the way to go. 

Waterproof Covers

You not only want an outdoor cover, but you also want one that is waterproof. Even if your vehicle is wet when you cover it, a waterproof cover will prevent more water or moisture getting in – think of it as a car cover rain fly!

Today's car cover manufacturers are using innovative, high-technology materials, such as Noah, Superweave and Superweave Premium. Vehicle owners who invest in a custom-fit car or truck cover made from these materials enjoy their waterproof protection and exceptional durability. Let's take a closer look.


Constructed from water-resistant layers, Noah is an ideal material choice for a car cover if you live in a wet, humid climate. Its strong, soft protective outer layer has a sheath-core fiber structure, while its middle layer is a breathable film. Microscopic holes keep water and dust out while letting moisture escape away from your car's paint finish. Noah's soft inner layer provides protection for your vehicle's paint finish.


A UV-, water- and weather-resistant material, Superweave offers protection against moisture, dust and pollutants. Highly breathable, it lets condensation and moisture evaporate from under the car cover. It also features an exceptionally soft inner layer that protects your car or truck's paint from marks or scratches. An added bonus: Superweave is lightweight, which makes it easy to fold up.

Superweave Premium

Heavier than Superweave, Superweave Premium is an all-weather, water-resistant material that also offers UV protection. Manufacturers developed it for vehicles exposed to harsh coastal weather and high-heat environments. While it's approximately 40% heavier than Superweave, it remains highly breathable, allowing moisture and condensation to exit the car cover.

As you can see, waterproof outdoor car covers are a great option for your car, truck, street rod or SUV in wet or damp conditions. If you're asking yourself "Should I use a car cover?" you're probably ready to start looking for the product that's right for your vehicle. 

Check out our wide range of custom fit car covers today and give your pride and joy the protection it deserves. Whether it's a new car or a classic truck, we can make a cover to protect it.


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