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How do you Reduce Heat in a Parked Car?

How do you Reduce Heat in a Parked Car?


In the summer, it becomes downright unpleasant to step inside your car some days. When your car has been outside all day, it accumulates hot air inside. You should know how to keep your car cool, so you do not have to wait for the air conditioning to kick in before you can drive. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps you can take to keep your car comfortable all year long.


Use a Sun Shade


All drivers should invest in a window visor or sun shade to keep sunlight out. You can make sure your shading is perfectly suited for your car by purchasing custom fit sun shades. You should put it up every time you exit your car even if you will only be gone for a few minutes. Many drivers put a sun shade against the back window too in order to keep even more sunlight out. If you do not have a sun shade, then you should try parking under a tree or wherever there is shade. Ideally, you have a garage you can keep your car in days when you are at home.



Slightly Crack All the Windows


It is not safe to leave your windows open all the way in a crowded parking lot. However, you should crack them a little bit no matter where you go. You can see if the opening is too big by trying to stick your hand through it. You simply need a small opening so that your car has some kind of ventilation. It will help protect your car from overheating.


Throw Blankets on the Steering Wheel and Seats


One huge problem drivers encounter is sitting down on hot leather or vinyl. To prevent this from happening, you should throw a couple blankets on all of your seats. Once you get back to the car, you can simply throw the blankets onto the backseats or put them in the trunk. This way you do not have to wait a few minutes for the seats and steering wheel to cool off before you drive.



Open the Doors for a Few Minutes


It is natural to be in a rush when you get to your car. However, on a hot day, you should leave the doors open for a couple of minutes before getting inside yourself. This allows all the hot air to get out and some cooler air to get inside.


Buy a Solar-Powered Fan


Another product worth looking into is a solar-powered fan to blow hot air out of your car. When you pair this device with cracked windows, your car will feel entirely comfortable when you return. The fans help create air circulation, which ultimately lowers the interior temperatures.


Find a company near you that provides car covers for sun protection. Hot air inside a car is not only uncomfortable, but it can damage the dashboard, steering wheel and seats prematurely if you are not careful. You need to prevent sun damage from happening in the first place, so your car will last for many more summers.


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