Fender Covers: What Are They & How Do They Prevent Car Damage?



Some of the most important tools for mechanics and car enthusiasts alike are car fender covers. Equipping your vehicles with automotive fender covers allows you to work under the hood without worrying that the front end of your cars might become damaged in the process.

They Shield the Front of Your Vehicles from Unwanted Body Damage

It is incredibly easy to accidentally damage the body of your car with tools, keys or any number of items as you’re working on it. As careful as you might be, there is always a chance that you might step away from your work and notice a scratch or dent that wasn’t there when you started. Automotive fender covers act as a safety barrier between your cars and items that could potentially cause minor or major damage.

They Protect Against Liquid Spills

The best fender covers are made with materials that are durable, non-damaging and spill-resistant. Good car fender covers should protect your car in the event that an oil or coolant spill occurs and should repel harmful liquids like brake fluid that can possibly damage a car’s paint. Using car  fender covers ensures there is an extra layer of protection between the cars and the chemicals that you may be working with.

They Provide a Dedicated Space for Your Tools

Nobody wants to reach for a tool that they need only to find that it’s missing or all the way across the room. At the same time, placing tools on your car increases the likelihood of minor nicks and scratches from grabbing them and putting them back down again. Car fender covers solve both of these problems by giving you a dedicated space for your tools so that they are easily accessible and safe from causing unwanted body damage.

Automotive fender covers give you an added level of protection for your vehicles. They are a necessity for mechanics who need to ensure that their client’s cars are kept safe and in good condition.

Classic car covers give you the security of knowing that your car won’t experience unnecessary damage while you work. Contact California Car Cover Co. to order your car fender protector now!