Do Car Covers Damage Paint?



Car covers are one of the best ways to protect your vehicle from the elements. However, in some circumstances, covers can actually do more harm than good. Finding the right cover for your intended uses and vehicle is essential to getting the most from your car or truck cover while avoiding possible drawbacks.


Protecting the Paint From Scratches 

Dust and debris can cause scratches on your car’s exterior. A scratch cover for cars can protect your vehicle and keep its exterior looking great for longer. However, an ill-fitting cover or one made from a low-quality material may cause scratches.

If your car paint cover does not properly fit your vehicle, the wind may cause it to flap against the exterior of your car or truck. This can cause more damage than the dust and debris the cover is supposed to be protecting against. The best option to avoid this is to always opt for custom fit car covers. If your cover fits well, it will protect your paint job while fitting snuggly against the entirety of your vehicle.


Protecting the Paint From Moisture

Moisture can cause corrosion of your car’s paint. A high-quality, all weather car cover will keep rain, snow and other weather off of your vehicle. However, a completely waterproof cover can trap moisture against your car or truck. 

Water resistant but breathable materials for car covers are usually the best choice for outdoor use. These materials offer your vehicle protection from the elements without trapping moisture against your paint job. Of course, storing your vehicle indoors with a gentle, car paint cover is the best option for protecting your car or truck.


Protect You Vehicle 

If your car or truck is your pride and joy, high-quality, custom fit car covers may be right for you. To keep your vehicle looking its best, consider getting some car buffers for maximum shine.