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Car Covers and Snow

Car Covers and Snow

Not all of us have the option to keep our cars garaged 100% of the time, and come wintertime it can be nerve wracking to leave it out and exposed to the elements. While the idea of snow seems benign, for those of us who live in a cold environment, we know that it is far from it. With the colder temps comes sleet, hail, and the snow itself usually contains quite a bit of dirt and other particles that can damage the finish of your car. Fortunately there are options to help protect your car from all types of weather, even when you have to leave it outside. When looking for a car cover suitable for snow, here are a few key aspects to look for.

Moisture Resistance
This may be an obvious one. But a cheap car cover simply marked “waterproof” is something to be wary of. A quality moisture resistant car cover is made from a breathable fabric with a that not only inhibits absorption but also allows condensation to wick away. This is key as it is nearly impossible to fully dry a car that has be exposed to heavy rain or snow and any water left behind, especially combined with the heat from a recently ran engine, can cause serious problems.

Dust Proof Lining
While you may feel the most important part of a snow or rain proof car cover is the outside, a poor quality cover may have a liner that doesn't properly repel dust. A dry car isn't going to be that important to you if the dust trapped between your cover and your car cause scratching to the paint job!

UV Blocking
Although the weather may be bad, you can never completely dismiss the importance of UV protection. We've all walked out the door on a snowy day to be completely surprised by the brightness of the light reflected up from the newly fallen white stuff! Any car cover you purchase, whether for rain or shine should block UV rays. The best way to give your paint a good long life.

California Car Covers has great options for extreme weather conditions. If you have questions about which cover you need or any of our other products please, give us call anytime!


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