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Best Car Covers for Sun and Rain in the Spring

Best Car Covers for Sun and Rain in the Spring


As the temperatures warm up in the spring, you want to take your custom car out on the road. The excitement of getting your ride out of the garage and back into circulation just can’t be beat. Once you remove your vehicle from storage, you want to keep it in pristine condition. A car cover protects your ride when it’s parked, whether it’s in a garage or not. Here’s what to look for in an outdoor car cover for rain and sun. 


Features of Great Car Covers for Spring Weather


The best car covers for summer are lightweight and easy to put on and take off. Don’t think lightweight doesn’t equal protection. Many thinner fibers are strong without being heavy and bulky. You want to make it easy to get the cover off and into your trunk to get on your way. Lightweight covers are breathable, to let the air move around the engine and chassis. What else to look for?


-Reflective properties that keep the car from absorbing heat. A car cover that reflects the sun’s rays means that you don’t have to find shade when you park. It keeps your car cooler and protects it from sap, leaves and branches.


-Waterproof car covers are a necessity in the spring and summer to protect against rain and water damage.


-The interior of the car cover should be soft and safe for the car’s finish. A microfiber liner reduces the dust that gets on your car and minimizes fine scratches.


-Custom car cover protection should hug your vehicle fairly well to prevent debris from blowing up under the cover. Moisture needs to escape, but nothing should enter through the fabric.


-The fabric should be treated to prevent UV rays from damaging your car’s paint job.


-Your car cover should also be cleanable. The materials you’re protecting your car from will end up on the cover. You want to be able to wash the cover.


-Look for car covers that have fewer seams. The seams are where the cover will break down and allow leakage.


-Make sure your car cover has cables and locks that keep the cover from blowing off. It should also come with a tote bag to store the cover.


Why Not Use Your Winter Cover?


Winter car covers tend to be bulkier and heavier to protect against harsher weather conditions. The best sun protection for your car is a car cover that you will use every time you park, whether you’re in the garage or not. Even in storage, your car can be damaged from dust, dirt and debris. Your child’s bike could bump against your car. Tools in your garage may fall on the car.



A custom car cover is like a portable garage. It offers security that your vehicle is protected from the elements. Perforated fabrics allow outdoor car covers to dry quickly. The design releases moisture, drying the cover and keeping the vehicle dry, too.


Shop for custom car cover that is designed to fit your vehicle. Protect your ride no matter where the road leads.


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