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Best BMW Car Cover

Best BMW Car Cover

BMW’s are one of a kind. There is no other driving machine like the BMW. The brand is associated with quality, and durability. Wouldn’t you want the same thing from the Car Cover that will be tasked at protecting your precious automobile. Custom-fit BMW Covers are an invaluable way to protect your investment. Protection against elements that are harmful to your cars finish, and prevention against dings, dirt, and dust are what custom-fit car covers are made for. Because protecting your BMW with the right car cover is so important, the huge selection, and variety of car covers can be overwhelming. Luckily for you, we have some great suggestions on the type of car covers you should consider for protection. 

If you drive a BMW M or Z model, whether it’s a M Coupe, M Roadster, M3, M4, M5, M6, Z1, Z3, Z4, Z8 etc, you are used to speed and hugging the curbs with excellent precision. You’d probably want a custom fit car cover to hug the body of your ride with the same kind of precision and quality. Whether you keep your ride inside or outside, we have a list for all the BMW Car Covers here. Just like the stylish 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 series, along with the x models, you want a Car Cover that you can trust is one of the industries BEST and is safe enough to protect your most valuable assets. 

Popular Types of BMW Covers:

The Plushweave Cotton Flannel Car Cover is the most popular indoor car cover for BMW’s. It is the only true 100% cotton Car Cover, it features Ultra Soft Flannel Lining and 3M Scotchgard treatment for even light outdoor use. It’s versatility and fabric make it a great option to cover your majestic ride in a variety of conditions.

The Dustop Car Cover is a popular cost effective car cover that is highly dust resistant and extended storage. It is recommended specifically for indoor use and provides BMW owners with a nice, efficient effective way to keep your ride in great condition while on vacation, business trips, or storage for longer amounts of time.

The BMW Superweave Car Cover is probably the most popular cover. This cover is lightweight and durable, built for both indoor and outdoor use. This covers features all weather protection boasting the most uv, water & weather resistant material. Another feature that makes this cover so popular is the many color options available. You can express your own unique style to match the stylish look of your BMW. A 4 year warranty is also accompanied with this BMW Car Cover.

The BMW Noah Car Cover is the second most popular BMW Car Cover. The perfect 5 star rating on this BMW Noah Car Cover says all you need to know about how customers feel about this car cover. It’s high water & dust resistance, breathable multi-layer material, soft inner layer, and four year warranty are just some of the reasons this cover is so popular. The lower price point also helps people gravitate to this outdoor car cover.

We hope this short list of BMW car covers and their features helps you decide which BMW car cover is best for you!


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