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Are Car Covers Good For Cars?

Are Car Covers Good For Cars?

Jimi Hendrix’s 1968 Fender Stratocaster is one of the most valuable guitars in the world, valued at approximately $2 million. One thing is sure: the person who owns this magnificent collector’s item doesn’t just stash it in the garage next to the freezer. Musicians rely on expert hard cases to keep instruments in peak condition.

Car lovers are no different; you take great care of your car’s supple leather interior and brilliant, gorgeous exterior with the best car covers. Due to common myths, some car enthusiasts may wonder if car covers damage their collector vehicle instead of protect it. Are car covers good for your car or not?

Do Car Covers Scratch Your Vehicle or Pamper It?

The answer may come as a surprise: they can do both. Low-quality car covers can damage vehicles by creating scratches and retaining moisture.

The key factor, of course, is quality. With a professional car cover, there’s never anything to worry about. Here’s why the best car covers provide outstanding and trustworthy protection:

Materials used: Excellent car covers do not scratch; they use materials such as satin, fleece, cotton and woven polyester that are specifically designed to cushion cars and absorb dust instead of pushing it around.

Fit: If covers don’t fit correctly, they move around, brush against finishes repeatedly and allow dirt to get underneath. Opting for a snug fit – preferably a custom car cover designed for your make and model – lets you avoid these issues completely.

Moisture protection: Humidity is bad for automotive interiors and paint. The trick is to keep rain and snow out while also allowing moisture to escape.

Washability: Car covers need washing too. Store a clean portable car cover in the trunk for an instant shield while at work, on vacation or shopping.

How Indoor Car Covers Help Your Automobile 

If you keep your Corvette or BMW X1 in a garage over the winter, you might wonder whether a car cover is all that important. It is. Here’s why: 

Accumulated dust

Pets and scratches

Severe temperature fluctuations – when opening and closing garage doors

Moisture damage                 

An indoor car cover offers exceptional breathability while keeping the vehicle’s surface safe from dust, debris and accidental impacts from bikes or lawn mowers. You definitely don’t want household paint or sanding particles flying onto a beautiful paint job. 

What To Look For in the Best Outdoor Car Covers

For maximum performance, an outdoor car cover often uses several layers with important characteristics.

Top layers: Here you want optimal UV protection and moisture resistance.

Inner layers: This fabric focuses especially on breathability, softness and cushioning.

Middle layers: These are designed as an impenetrable shield against dust.

When you put them all together, you get excellent protection: 

Rain, hail and snow

Animal droppings and sap

Branches, leaves and rocks

Dust, dirt and road grime 

If you live in an area where hail is common, invest in a hail car cover for added insurance against dents and damage.

Treat Your Car Right With Custom Covers

Our extensive selection of expertly-designed car covers – including car storage capsules – makes it easy to find a perfect fit and excellent protection for your vehicle. Contact us for more information or to order a custom car cover for a specific make and model.


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