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An Accessories Buying Guide for Dodge Challenger

An Accessories Buying Guide for Dodge Challenger

The Dodge Challenger is already bold and sophisticated, but you can upgrade it even more and safeguard it from stains, scratches and discoloration with custom accessories. Check out five top-selling accessories that will take your Challenger to the next level.


  1. Covercraft Flex Shade Custom Fit Roll-Up Windshield Sun Shade 

There aren’t any Dodge Challenger windshield sun shades that compare to the Covercraft Flex Shade. It offers the best defense against UV rays and heat, preventing cracking, fading and rising interior temperatures. This lightweight cover comes in a design specifically for Dodge Challenger windshields  and simply rolls up when you are done using it. Because customer satisfaction comes first, the Covercraft Flex Shade comes with a 90-day warranty.


  1. Superweave Premium All-Weather Custom Car Cover

You want the best Dodge Challenger car cover, which means you need the Superweave Premium Cover. It shields your car from UV rays, moisture, dust, smog and other corrosive elements. The cover is 40% denser than the Superweave Classic, but it is still breathable and will not scratch your car. The Superweave Premium Cover is made to fit the unique shape of the Dodge Challenger and protect every corner, and it has a six-year warranty.


  1. Seat Designs GrandTex Custom Fit Seat Covers

Seat Designs GrandTex Seat Covers are highly rated and among the best seat covers for Dodge Challengers. These classy covers are available in five colors, and the fabric is soft with foam insulation. Place them on your seats to hide wear and tear and avoid dirt, food and beverage stains. They are long-lasting and carry a two-year warranty. Created using CAD and CAM patterns, the GrandTex Covers will effortlessly slide on the Dodge Challenger’s seats and stay in place.


  1. Dash Designs Custom Fit Dashtex Dashboard Cover 

Your car deserves the finest accessories, so don’t just buy any custom dash covers for Dodge Challenger; choose the Dash Designs Dashtex Cover. It shields your dashboard from UV rays that cause discoloration, cracks and high interior temperatures, and it acts as a barrier against dust. This Dash Designs cover will even improve your driving experience by minimizing the glare from the windshield. To install, place it on your dashboard and secure it using the Velcro straps, and in minutes your dash will have unbeatable protection. It is also backed by a five-year warranty.  


  1. Lloyd Mats Velourtex Carpet Floor Mats 

Win the battle against stains from wet and muddy shoes with these Dodge Challenger floor mats. This four-pack of Lloyd Mats comes in 10 colors and can be embroidered with any of the 600 available designs. Because of the three-year warranty and TractionBac surface, the mats are guaranteed to stay put on the floor and last for many years to come. They are carefully manufactured to ensure a precise fit for Dodge Challengers, and they add a contemporary and sporty accent to the interior. 

Your Challenger will remain flawless with these five protective yet sleek accessories. Plus, all the products are reasonably priced to fit your budget. Purchase yours today to maintain your car and extend its lifespan.


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