The cornerstone of California Car Cover Company's operations has always been the sale of custom-fit car covers. As pioneers in the industry, we have dedicated a great deal of time researching exactly what automotive enthusiasts seek in a custom car cover. Factors such as weather conditions, ease-of-use, paint and upholstery protection and resistance to water, dust, sun and wind come into account. As a result of years of one-on-one conversations with hobbyists and collectors at events across the country, we are armed with a wealth of knowledge about the needs of car cover consumers who want to protect their car, truck, street rod or SUV.

Our staff of seasoned professionals travel from coast to coast to attend car shows, swap meets, and hot rod cruises in an effort to stay current with automotive trends. Our car covers reflect a dedication to providing what you desire based on your specific needs. We share the same passion for cars, trucks and SUVs as you do and understand your need for superior protection to keep your prized possessions looking their best.

Why California Car Covers are simply the best car covers:

  • Guaranteed to never scratch or mark your finish.
  • We can custom make car covers for any application.
  • Elastic tensioners are sewn-in the front and rear of every car cover to facilitate a snug fit.
  • Fabrics are precision-cut on computer-controlled equipment for optimum fit.
  • We provide provisions for cable locks for added security.
  • Extra wide 60" material used to reduce the number of seams required.
  • Seams are overlapped and double-stitches for optimum seal and durability.
  • Materials are tightly woven to prevent shrinkage from wet/dry cycles.
  • Permeable fabrics treated with 3M Scotchgard for water repellency.

Premium Custom-Fit Car Covers since 1989 

Why Buy a California Car Cover:

  1. Experience: California Car Cover has been selling custom fit car covers since 1989. The DeFrank family has been involved in the making and selling of custom fit car covers since 1967.
  2. Quality: Our car covers are manufactured using the latest technology and the best fabrics. Whether you are looking for the softest cover to pamper your classic or a durable cover to protect your vehicle from the elements, we have the right car cover for you.
  3. Custom Fit: All of our California Car Covers are custom fit to the year, make and model of your vehicle. Whether it is a brand new car, rare exotic or unique classic, we can make a custom fit cover to protect it.
  4. We Can Cover It!: We have the ability to make custom one-off covers that other companies do not offer. If your vehicle has an aftermarket wing, roof rack, chopped roof, flared fenders or any other exterior modification, we can tailor make a car cover to your needs.
  5. Service: Our knowledgeable staff of enthusiasts is here to assist you with questions, troubleshooting and ordering.
  6. Protection: A custom-fit California Car Cover protects your vehicle from the elements, such as dust, UV rays, moisture, mildew and snow. It will keep your vehicle cleaner and protect your paint, trim and interior from harmful conditions.
  7. Security: A car cover keeps your vehicle and belongings out of sight and difficult to access.
  8. Warranty: All of the California Car Covers include a valuable multi-year warranty that guarantees your car cover for the length of the warranty.
  9. Inventory: We stock 1000's of our most popular car covers for quicker shipping and delivery.
  10. Ease of Use: A custom fit car cover takes only a minute to install and will provide lasting vehicle protection.
  11. Order with Ease: Call our knowledgeable sales staff at (800) 423-5525 or online anytime at calcarcover.com. Have a question about an item? Just give us a call.