Car Week 2019: One Day in Monterey

We couldn't send the CCC Crew to Monterey this year due to some other obligations, but our own Tony DeFrank went up to Monterey for one day with one mission: See as many cars and events as possible on Friday. Here's how he did.

5th Annual Tri-Five Nationals presented by Danchuk & Woody's Hot Rodz

The CCC Crew attended the 5th Annual Tri-Five Nationals hosted by the American Tri-Five Association, Danchuk and Woody's Hot Rodz in Bowling Green, Ky last weekend. This event attracted over 2,700 1955-1957 Chevys to Beech Bend Park for a weekend car show and drag race. California Car Cover was proud to be back as a sponsor of this year's event.

Why Everyone Needs Road Wrap Protection Film

Automotive paint protection film is a material that can be applied to the outside of your car to protect your paint from getting scratched and damaged. In recent years this technology has gotten much more effective with better visual results. It is also less expensive than it ever has been.

The Best Material for Seat Covers

If you don’t currently use car seat covers, the term likely conjures in your mind an image of the ill-fitting and ugly cover of days gone by. Fortunately, the custom fit seat coversof today provide all the protective power of a cover without the eyesore. They are great for keeping your car interior fresh for longer. Below are some guidelines on picking the right material.

An Accessories Buying Guide for Jaguar F-Pace

The Jaguar F-Pace is a vehicle for people who don’t want to compromise luxury for efficiency. Sleek and powerful, this SUV has a lot to offer. That’s why it’s vital that you take care of it with appropriate accessories such as Jaguar F-Pace floor mats.