What Kind of Car Wax Is the Best?

Using car wax used to be part of the ritual of a thorough car wash, but some people overlook this step because they may not understand how important it is. Older cars demand regular waxing to maintain the shine and quality of the paint, which was most likely only applied in a few coats on top of a base primer. Modern cars may have a received a clear coat of paint sealant over the color at the factory, but even that layer of protection can erode over time, leaving your paint vulnerable to damage from wear and tear on the road. Your best bet is to use the best car wax you can find to keep your car shiny and protected.

How To Fix A Car Paint Scratch

Scratches on your car’s gorgeous paint job produce an emotional reaction akin to the feeling you get when nails run down a chalkboard. Sadly, any time you take your car out for a spin, there’s always the possibility that some random person or tree branch can undo your hard work with a noticeable scratch. What can you do about it?

California Car Cover Customer Photos October 2018

Some recent photos of California Car Cover products in use courtesy of our local customers and marketing team. These are photos that customers send us via emails, tag with #calcarcover on social media, or covers we spot at car shows. Thank you to everyone for sharing your photos and using California Car Cover products.