Outdoor Car Covers Buying Guide

You want to keep your car looking shiny and new, and a car cover can help you do just that. An outdoor car cover is a smart investment that will benefit you and your vehicle for years to come. Below are a few reasons an outdoor car cover is an important item to have.

Noah vs. Stormweave Evolution 4 Car Covers

Car owners often wonder what the difference is between the Noah and Stormweave Evolution 4 car covers. Both are durable and similar in appearance, but there are a few differences you should consider when searching for a thick car cover so you can get the best protection for your vehicle. Below is information and special features about each cover.

Indoor Car Covers Buying Guide

Your car does not have to be outside to be exposed to hazards. Even if you park your vehicle in the garage, your car’s appearance and function are still at risk of being damaged. Below is a guide to different types of indoor car covers.

A Basic Guide to Choosing the Best Classic Car Covers

We know how special your classic car is to you, but it can be hard to find a cover that fits it. Thankfully, you do not have to look any further. California Car Cover has a wide variety to choose from, and we specialize in covers for cars that were made between the 1920s and 1940s. Below is a basic guide to vintage car covers so you can get an idea of which might work best for you.

The Ultimate Mustang Car Cover Guide: For Each Generation

In American car culture, few vehicles are held in higher esteem than the Ford Mustang, which helped to usher in an entire era of muscle, motors and metal. No matter if you own a classic version of this iconic automobile or you’re driving one of the newer models, you still turn heads whenever you head out on the road and open up the throttle. While Mustangs look great on their own, it takes some extra work to keep them looking pristine, which is why many owners treat their vehicles with premium car shine products and use Mustang car covers when parked in driveways or garages. Even though there have been many changes in this legendary speedster’s design, here are some guidelines on buying the best cover regardless of which generation.

Ranking Our Top 5 Favorite Mustang Models

While many makes and models have graced automobile showrooms across the United States, few come with the reputation of the Ford Mustang. From the very first models in 1964 to today’s fusion of retro and futuristic design, this vehicle has evolved to reflect consumer tastes as well as economic trends such as the high gas prices of the 1970s. With so many different variations across the car’s six generations, it’s hard to play favorites, but here are five of the best models to roll off of Ford’s assembly lines.

Race Ramps vs. Tire Cradles

If you store your vehicle, you know the technology you rely on has a huge impact on your ability to keep your vehicle protected against hazards. You need the right combination of environmental control, surface protection, and preservation of its basic operations, including the integrity of its tires. One solution that has long worked to prevent tire deformation during long-term storage is the development of supportive tire ramps like Flatstoppers.