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Never leave your bike at home again. Car and truck bike racks allow you to easily carry your bike to any trail or event that catches your eye without the obstacle of transportation. Don’t let the functionality of your vehicle make you less active and miss out on the experiences you desire most. California Car Cover allows you to live out your dreams with a huge selection of bike racks for cars and trucks. Live a little!

Turn to California Car Cover and get the functionality to take your bike anywhere. The mounted bike carrier attaches to your trailer hitch, making it easy to transport your bikes, even if they would not normally fit inside your vehicle. It has always been a bit inconvenient to get your bikes where you are going, but it does not need to be anymore. You could be free to go to any trail or event you want without the hassle or worry of packing up and moving your bikes.

Any Style You Need

We strive to provide as many different types of bike racks as possible. Your situation may be different from the next bike enthusiast, so we wanted to be certain your needs were met. From the size and number of your bikes to the type of vehicle you have to transport them, your need for a custom bike rack can be fulfilled at California Car Covers. The most common design utilizes your trailer hitch to attach the bikes to the back of your vehicle. Some other designs may secure your bikes to your pickup truck’s bed instead. If you need a swing away bike rack or something entirely unique, you can count on California Car Cover to fulfill your needs.

If there is one thing that sets California Car Covers apart, it is our customer service. Making sure that each and every customer we serve is satisfied and has no complaints in our top priority. Part of that is only providing products that function properly and will continue to do so for years to come. From other trailer hitch accessories, such as a Jeep cargo carrier or hitch covers & steps, to all sorts of outdoor accessories and car care products, we take great pride in providing customers with the items they need to get the most out of their trucks, SUVs, and cars.