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Why even debate between leaving your two wheeled chariot outside to rust or suffering from a crowded and cramped garage? These bike storage accessories allow you to have the best of both worlds. You don’t have to choose one or the other, you can finally have your cake and eat it too! California Car Covers offers great reliable space saving bike storage options so you can relax and just enjoy having enough room for all the toys you’ve worked hard for.If you need help or advice on purchasing a storage option that fits your specific needs, don’t hesitate to call our friendly service through our toll free line, we’d be happy to help!  

Whether you have a fleet of bicycles for every type of riding, or if you just have a bike or two, you know how important it is to store your gear properly. Inadequate bicycle storage subjects your bikes to rust and other insults, while at the same time making them a nuisance by being in the way. We offer the right equipment to make storing your bikes easy, safe and secure. A bicycle lift for the garage is one solution to keeping your bikes safe and out of harm’s way.

Neat and Clean Solutions

The philosophy of efficient storage demands specific measures. Firstly, that you keep your bikes or other items out of the way; secondly, that your gear is safe and secure when it is not in use; and thirdly, that your bikes or other items are ready and available when you want to use them again. Our storage gear is designed especially for these purposes. If you are looking for an expandable bicycle stand or an anti-rust bicycle storage bag we can get it for you and ship it quickly to your home. The anti-rust bag, available for cars, too, protects your valuable items from moisture, dust, corrosion and rust.

Garage Organization Made Easy

It is better for everybody if you keep your garage neat and organized. That is why we offer so many car storage accessories to assist you in keeping bikes, tires, tools and other gear out of the way and accessible. With these items you are able to get items off the floor and protect them from harsh weather and periods of inactivity. We have garage organization down to a science, and offer  quality custom-fit car covers. We carry racks, lifts and storage bags from the top brands in the industry. When you order through us you can expect items to be shipped promptly and to arrive in a day or two in most cases.