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Batteries & Battery Chargers

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Don’t be that person who’s left without power, browse our selection of high performance batteries and and battery chargers that are built to last and are known for their reliability in even the harshest conditions. We've got all the top brands like Battery Doctor, CTEK, Battery Tender, Optima and more who produce high quality items like waterproof chargers water resistant disconnects and much more. Feel free to call, chat, or email us if you have any questions or just need help choosing the perfect items to fit your specific needs, we are always excited to help!

Never be caught unprepared again with our collection of batteries and battery chargers. The last thing you need when driving on secluded roads is a dead battery, stranding you on the side of the road and only hoping for either the kindness of a passing motorist or that your cell phone will hold long enough to get a decent signal and call for help. With a battery charger on hand you can give your battery the jolt it needs to get back on the road and make it safely back to your garage. For the best battery chargers, browse our selection of car tools for sale.

Multiple Battery Charger Types

Maybe your battery just needs a little kick, or maybe it’s deeply discharged and in need of a complete recharge. Either way, we have a large selection of battery types, including fully automatic chargers for 6V vehicles and bikes and heavy-duty 12V chargers for most types of lead acid batteries. While trickle chargers can cause extensive damage over time to lead acid batteries, heavy duty fully automatic chargers have safeguards that prevent over-charging and little to no current draw from the battery itself. Your battery charger is as essential in caring for your car as your exterior vehicle care kits.

Battery Accessories

You need more than just the device itself to make effective use of battery chargers. We carry a wide range of accessories , including side mount battery disconnect switches, quick-connect battery cable terminals, charger extension cables, water-resistant battery disconnects, wall-mount battery stations, disconnects with bypass fuses, cigarette lighter adapters, and mini fuse holders. We have the parts you need to effectively jump-start your car in emergency situations, and safely maintain your car battery at all times. Browse our selection, or check out other available products such as our wide range of car exterior accessories. At, we take pride in not only the breadth, but the quality of our selection.