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Garage Car Care and Maintenance During Social Distancing

Tony DeFrank | 4/2/2020

Right now, everyone is sticking close to home. Most importantly, we want everyone to remain safe and healthy, but staying at home has given all of us more time in the garage too.

2019 Father's Day Catalog Cover Photo Shoot with Camisasca Manufacturing

Tony DeFrank | 6/3/2019

Our annual Father's Day photo shoot is something we look forward to every year. We love to show families and friends that are truly passing on the love of the automobile to the next generation. This year's photo shoot brought us together with the Camisasca family in Lake Forest, Ca.

Top 10 New Funny and Cool Metal Garage Signs for Spring

Tony DeFrank | 3/16/2019

Each California Car Cover catalog features dozens of new metal signs for your garage or office. We wanted to highlight ten of our favorite new signs from the Spring 2019 catalog.

Winning Numbers: Bruce Meyer's Historical Racing Automobile Collection at the Petersen Museum

Tony DeFrank | 3/14/2019

The Petersen Automotive Museum recently opened a new exhibit highlighting the impressive car collection of Bruce Meyer. Bruce is one of the country's most notable car collectors and the Winning Numbers highlights his love of racing history.

Bob Dees' 1957 Ford Fairlane 500 Built by Kindig-It Design

Tony DeFrank | 7/3/2018

Late last year we paid a visit to Kindig-It Design in Salt Lake City, Utah for a catalog feature on their recent builds. The featured car was a beautiful 1957 Ford Fairlane 500 they had recently finished.

Roadside Nostalgia at the Classic Gas Museum in Embudo, New Mexico

Tony DeFrank | 4/9/2018

While on one of our road trips we stopped by the Classic Gas Museum in Embudo, New Mexico. This roadside attraction is a great stop if you are traveling between Santa Fe and Taos.

Car Covers and Snow

California Car Cover | 5/25/2016

There are options to help protect your car from all types of weather, even when you have to leave it outside. When looking for a car cover suitable for snow, here are a few key aspects to look for.

How To Clean Your Car Cover

California Car Cover | 4/7/2016

Lingering dirt and dust on your car cover can make it do the opposite of what you want it to, it can scratch your car! Keeping your cover clean is very important and doing it correctly is the best way to prevent unwanted scratches! Learn how, here!

Why It's Important to Store Your Car Cover Properly

California Car Cover | 3/30/2016

You put countless hours and dollars into keeping your car looking clean and pristine. The right car cover should help! If it is used correctly... Find out here how to avoid scratching your paint with your car cover,

Using a Car Cover in the Rain

California Car Cover | 3/3/2016

If you’re thinking about buying a car cover for rain for your vehicle, protecting your car is important to you. But you might not know if the cover is suitable for inclement weather. Is leaving the car cover on in the rainsomething you should be worried about? California Car Cover has the answers you seek.

Will a Car Cover Scratch My Car?

California Car Cover | 3/3/2016

Car covers are made to keep your car clean and ding free, but is it possible for the cover itself to scratch your car? Find out here!

Best Ways to Protect my Boat

California Car Cover | 1/27/2016

Learn how & why boat covers, boat tents, & boat canopies can prolong the life of your boat. Also uncover which method of covering your boat is actually the best for you!

What RV Covers & Accessories do I Need?

California Car Cover | 1/25/2016

RV Covers & Accessories are probably more important than you think. Read this short blog about all the perks for RV covers & accessories.

Car & Truck Seat Cover Options

California Car Cover | 1/18/2016

The leaders in the car cover world compiled a short list of the best Seat Covers owners trust most to not only protect their most valuable assets, but also provide comfort during commutes.

Best BMW Car Cover

California Car Cover | 1/13/2016

Having a BMW means something, make sure your protect it with a custom-fit car cover specifically modified and designed to keep it's glow for years. You'll also learn how to find the right material for your specific needs.

My Car Cover Saved My Car

California Car Cover | 12/4/2015

Read a letter from a grateful customer telling his story of how his custom car cover from California Car Cover Co. saved his show car.

Benefits From Using Car and Truck Covers

California Car Cover | 11/20/2015

Learn about the most important benefits of using Car & Truck covers. From the car enthusiasts at California Car Cover Co.

Car Interior Accessories

California Car Cover | 11/13/2015

Get the most from your beloved ride. Learn about some top recommended car and truck interior accessories from the pros at California Car Cover Co.

How WeatherProof are Superweave Car Covers?

California Car Cover | 9/22/2015

How Weatherproof (and waterproof) are Superweave Car Covers? Learn more and read a recent testimonial. From California Car Cover Co. Since 1989.

Custom One-Off Car Covers

California Car Cover | 9/21/2015

For all of you with modified or unique cars, trucks, SUVs, track cars, we have one simple message, we can make a custom cover for you. Learn more.

All About Tire Covers

California Car Cover | 9/10/2015

Learn all about the importance of Tire Covers including spare tire covers and storage tire covers! From California Car Cover Co.

How To Protect Your Paint While Towing

California Car Cover | 9/4/2015

How To Protect Your Paint While Towing. For all you car lovers out there, nervous about chips & scratches while towing, here’s some advice.

Is Using A Car Cover Good or Bad?

California Car Cover | 9/4/2015

It is a very good thing! Especially one that does its job correctly, and our breathable, made to measure California Car Covers always do the job. Using a car cover is one of the best things that you can do for your car.

Saying Thanks to Repeat Customers

California Car Cover | 8/21/2015

Saying Thanks to Repeat Customers. California Car Cover Co.shares a recent customer interaction and shares the company's gratitude for customer loyalty.

Care About Your Classic Car? - Keep a Cover Handy

California Car Cover | 8/19/2015

California Car Cover Co. making the case for keeping a car cover at all times for classic car owners. Sun, rain, dust - no problem. Learn more.

Can The Original Car Storage Bubble Be Used On Gravel Floors?

California Car Cover | 8/19/2015

Can The Original Car Storage Bubble Be Used on a Gravel Floor? Get the answer from the pros at California Car Cover Co.

Can Indoor Car Covers Be Used Outdoors

California Car Cover | 8/10/2015

Can an indoor car cover be used outdoors? Learn the answer from the experts at California Car Cover Co., leaders in custom covers and auto accessories!

Best Car Covers for Rain or Snow? | California Car Covers

California Car Cover | 8/6/2015

As summer comes to a close, we know that some of you live in places where the winter season brings plenty of rain and snow. And while you may be safe from the storm inside by the fire, your car has to withstand the weather outside. So for those of you wanting to protect your car from the winter environment, we have just the car covers for you.

How To Clean Your Car Duster & How Long Will It Last?

California Car Cover | 7/6/2015

Here at California Car Cover, we want your car to have the best care. Our car dusters make your car look like it was just washed without needing to actually wash it.

Are Our Car Covers Custom Fit?

California Car Cover | 6/17/2015

A common question we get is, “are your car covers custom fit?” Read on for the definitive answer.

Why Do I Need A Car Cover?

Brad Bisgard | 6/15/2015

You would be surprised by the small things that can lead to short and long term damage of your car. The following are just a few of the many factors that car covers can protect against.

Protect Your Vehicle

California Car Cover | 6/4/2015

Protect Your Vehicle