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Car people know how important details are! When just your favorite old ball cap won't cut it, check out California Car Covers sweet race inspired accessories. Belt buckles and patches representing Clay Smith's Mr Horsepower, stylish Lentermani sport watches and serious shades, you can be hot rod head to toe!

While having a few logo tees, long-sleeve shirts or emblematic jackets is certainly a great start to attaining a full auto enthusiast’s wardrobe, the set can’t be considered truly complete until you’ve added some accessories into the mix. Whether it be a pair of slick riding Sunglasses or an assortment of rad car hats, integrating a few key accessories into your daily ensemble is the best way to show off your loyalty to your favored brand — and the passion for everything automotive in general.

Extra Details Are Important

Riding down the highway or walking through the city streets, you’re undoubtedly happy to sport your best racing attire. Enhance your casual, laid-back style by throwing in some extra detailed pieces along the way such as wicked car-themed patches that can be ironed right onto your apparel or gear, or carry your items in car-themed bags that can be both extremely useful and effortlessly stylish for myriad occasions. Optimizing each day’s attire with even one of these additional items can elevate your outfit from a dismal mess to a red-hot, sporty ensemble that will turn heads in from every direction.

Work Hard While Looking Good

Working hard and looking good doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive. In fact, choosing a variety of premium car work shirts, designed to be both functional and flattering, can have you feeling your best every day, even when you’re excessively sweating and needing easy mobility on the job. These work shirts are optimized for comfortability yet embellished with awesome brand names and logos to give them a superior look and fit you won’t easily find anywhere else. Step up your wardrobe game with apparel and accessories that not only make you feel your best but help support your favorite auto brands and demonstrate your passion for the theme, as well. After all, car aficionados everywhere should always indulge in their hobby and feel confident wearing their gear, day in and day out.