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Silver Streak Aluminum Camper Diecast  
Charles Lindbergh's Spirit of Saint Louis aircraft inspired creator William Hawley in 1935 to build the first aluminum...  
Hornet Spindizzy Midget Racer  
Crafted in aircraft grade aluminum and based on original molds, this diecast harkens memories of the fantastic speed of...  
1932 Ford Roadster Grand National Deuce #2 Model  
You've been waiting for this one! The Grand National Deuce Series #2 – the second in a six-car series based on '50s and...  
1969 Douglas Chevrolet Yenko Camaro  
This special edition is based on the unique Douglas Chevrolet version, with after-market stripes, lettering and badges...  
1970 Olds 442 Diecast in Paladium Silver  
Just 442 of these classic diecast collectibles are being produced, so grab yours before they get away! Pop the hood of...  
1965 L-79 Chevrolet El Camino  
Dependable and fast, the popular El Caminos were a large part of GM's advertising campaigns in 1965. The red-on-red...  
50th Anniversary 1964-1/2 Ford Mustang  
This historic diecast replica is an absolute must-have for American muscle car enthusiasts! The officially licensed...  
Aquarama Speedboat Replica  
This is a fully assembled model of the legendary Riva Aqurama speedboat that was designed by Carlo Riva in the 1960’s...  
Triple Cockpit Racing Thunderboat  
The Jaguar XK120 ruled the road; Doris Day and Cary Grant were Oscar nominated. Thunderboats (also called Hydroplanes)...  
Thunderboat Hydroplane Replica  
The Jaguar XK120 ruled the road; Doris Day and Cary Grant were Oscar nominated. Thunderboats (also called Hydroplanes)...  
WWI Wood Propeller Replicas  
$99.99 - $189.99  
Wood propellers used to be replaced as often as tires. Old ones were usually taken home, completed with a clock, and...  
Sopwith Camel Airplane Replica  
Introduced by the Sopwith Aviation Company in 1917 the Camel is an iconic aircraft taking a rightful place in aviation...  
Replica Airplane Fokker Triplane (Red Baron)  
The Fokker Triplane (Red Baron), Medium number AP010 by Authentic Models is a part of the Flight Decor Collection and...  
1930s Gee Bee #11 Speedster Airplane Replica  
The 1930s Gee Bee #11 Speedster Airplane was piloted by legendary and fearless racing aces and fly to a startling 750...  
Charles Lindberg’s Spirit of St. Louis Replica  
Flown by Charles Lindberg in May 1927, the Spirit of St. Louis was the first plane to be flown solo and non-stop from...  
PanAm Boeing 314 Dixie Clipper Airplane Replica  
The Nostalgic PanAm Boeing 314 Dixie Clipper Airplane was a long-range flying boat produced by between 1938 and 1941...  
Monoplane Winged Ford Trimotor Airplane Replica  
Relive the 1930’s flight era with this beautiful model of the Ford Trimotor, an impressive piece of aviation history...  
Limited Edition Junkers JU52 Iron Annie Airplane R  
An iconic European counterpart of the Ford Trimotor; Iron Annie versus Tin Goose. Popular for its comfort and...  
Legendary Workhorse Dakota DC-3 Airplane Replica  
The legendary workhorse of the skies during the 1930-50s. Some are still flying in far-flung places like the Amazon and...  
1932 Ford 3 Window Grand National Deuce #3  
This '32 Ford 3-window is the third in a six-car series of '32s based on the showcars of the 1950s and 60s, and it's a...  
Titanic Steamer Replica  
It' s been close to a century now since the Titanic was lost and the grand old steamer that crossed the Atlantic has...  
1940 Deluxe Ford Coupe  
This 1940 Ford Deluxe is simply stunning, from the precision cast Flathead V-8 beneath the hood to the trademark...  
L.A. Roadster Show 50th Anniversary Die-cast Model  
The annual Father’s Day weekend event is a Southern California tradition and considered one of the finest car shows in...  
Don Grotheer’s 1968 Hemi Barracuda  
This race-decaled Super Stock Hemi drag car looks ready to do some damage to the competition, just as it did when Don...  
1969 Hemi Powered Dodge Coronet  
Celebrate the 426 Hemi's 50th anniversary by adding this Mopar muscle car to your diecast collection. The Dodge Coronet...  
1 - 25 OF 71 PRODUCTS
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