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How To Clean Your Car Cover
Keeping your car cover clean is very important. Dirt and dust that accumulate on your cover can damage the fabric and ruin any water resistant properties your cover may have. If the dirt gets inside the cover, you run the possibility of scratching the paint. A clean car cover will never scratch or damage your car, but if it gets dirty, the combination of the dirt particles and any movement of the cover can cause real problems. The first step to ensuring your cover stays free of any dirt is to store it properly when not in use. But this doesn't fully eliminate the need to at least do a precautionary wash a few times a year. Many car covers are machine washable, but always follow any manufacturer's recommendations.

1. It is always best to take your cover to a laundromat. Commercial washers are big enough to thoroughly clean the cover and you should NEVER use a washer with a center agitator.

2. Always be sure to wash you cover on a gentle cycle. Never use hot water, bleach or fabric softener as they will interfere with your covers water resistance.
3. Rinse twice! You do not want to leave any residue from detergents on your cover.
4. Unless specifically stated by the manufacturers instructions, never put your car cover in a dryer. Air dry somewhere that is dust free and out of the elements.

Never be afraid to clean your car cover, just be sure to follow these basic steps and keep the instructions that come with your cover at hand. It always best to err on the side of over cleaning rather than to put a dirty cover on your car and risk damage.

From California Car Cover, we know how important it is to keep your car in tip top shape and we hope you have found this information helpful! We are happy to help with all of your car cover needs, you need only ask!
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