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Car & Truck Seat Cover Options
Car & Truck Seat covers are probably more important than you think. Additionally, the horrible picture of a seat cover you are imagining right now, is probably not an accurate depiction of the new age, stylish seat covers that exist today. Seat covers don’t just protect your ride from wear and tear, and can provide style, but they also provide comfort to your commute. Because the awareness of the importance of Seat Covers has increased, so have the available options. Which is good, but it’s made the decision to get the right car seat cover for your needs a confusing headache. So we’ve decided to put together a short list of the preferred seat covers and why people choose them. We hope this information will help you find the perfect mix of style, comfort and protection uniquely catered to your needs.
Types of Seat Covers:

Carhartt® Seat Covers:
This Carhartt® branded seat cover is famous and widely known for it’s durability and quality. Not only do these seat covers boast a simple stylish look (colors brown & gravel), they are also tough as nails with heavy duty Carhartt® duck weave fabric and triple stitched seams. It features a water resistant coat, with storage pockets that add functionality. These famous seat covers also feature custom patterns, easy installation & removal, home washer & dryer capabilities, headrest & center console covers. These famous seat covers also feature custom patterns, easy installation & removal, home washer & dryer capabilities, headrest & center console covers. With its durable water-repellent finish, these seat covers have been popular for kids, dogs, and construction work. These are really the “do it all” of car covers.

Plain & Logo Towel Car Seat Cover:
Available in a multitude of colors and it’s very low price point makes these car covers a very popular buy among car seat cover seekers. These car seat covers not only showcase your style with a logo of your choice, and a variety of colors, but they also provide quick and simple installation and removal with its elasticized opening. This gives this car seat cover the flexibility of using it only when you need it, for example after a gym session, a day at the beach, after a trip with your pet, after a hike, or any other activity that you might not want to bring inside your car. These high quality 100% cotton terry/velour is soft to the touch is easy to machine wash and keep clean.

Sheepskin Seat Cover:
This unique car seat cover is definitely for people who are looking for a specific style. People usually either love or hate sheepskin seat covers. These sheepskin car seat covers protect your car while adding an enormous amount of comfort to your commute. The new technology added to these covers allows the covers to get warmer in winter and cooler in the summer. The supreme quality of the fabric and the way it feels on your skin, make it hard to get up after you’ve immersed yourself in it’s magic comfort on a long commute.

Velour Seat Cover:
Coming in many different colors and trims, and made from 100% polyester, these O.E. Velour Seat Covers are a popular addition to many car lovers looking to add style and protection to the interior of their rides. The Velour seat cover are typically more popular among Jeep & SUV owners, but it is a favorite amongst all car owners. The soft polyester fabric is fade resistant, uv protected and made for durability. The state of the art CAD/CAM system ensures 100% custom fit, including headrest and armrest at no additional cost. The manufacturers also throw in a 2-year warranty, and are proud to have you know that these seat covers are made in the USA.

This newer high UV resistance Seat Cover comes in 9 different colors and even some styles in pattern fabric to specifically match your unique style and ride. This material is made with wetsuit like material that delivers “supreme” protection and matching style. In places where body comes in contact with the seat cover, there is ultra soft foam, adding additional comfort to your commute. These bad boys are precision cut and custom fit to your ride to fit like a glove. You can guarantee to have some of the toughest protection offered in car seat covers, backed by a 2-year warranty. However, it’s not always rainbows and butterflies. The downfall of these covers are that they are not as easily removable as other seat covers, and the drying if this seat cover after a wash can be pretty tricky (due to the wetsuit like material).

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