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Best Ways to Protect my Boat
So you’ve just bought a boat and the first thing that comes to your mind is how you’re going to get out into the open water, and more importantly, what you are going to do when you get there. Whether your primary boating activity is going to be fishing, relaxing, or partying, it is important that you protect your boat so you can continue to do your favorite pastime for many years to come. Unfortunately, what might not come to your mind, is how you plan to protect your boat in between your trips. This blog will help give you some ideas on why you need to protect your boat, and how you can protect it.

Boat Covers, Tents, Canopies & Garages
There are many shelters in which a boat can find refuge. Simply put, a garage is the best one. If you have available garage space to house a boat, this should be your first preference. Not only does it protect your boat from all the harmful elements mother nature brings it’s way, but it also protects it from the horrible human element of thieves better than the other options. If you don’t have garage space, tents and canopies are useful that they stay up throughout the seasons, and you don’t necessarily have to do the extra work of manually covering & uncovering your boat each time you return from the open water (like boat covers), or get ready to embark. Boat covers on the other hand are the best way to cover a boat when garage storage is not an option.

Is a boat cover really necessary?
Do I really need a boat cover? Some people might scoff at the idea of paying for a cover to shield your boat if you live in a mostly good weather neighborhood, or they might scoff at it if you don’t want to take the extra 3 minutes to cover and uncover your boat before and after trips to the water. So, is it really worth it to get a cover for your boat? The short answer is… usually yes. However, if you are able to park your boat in your garage or under a tent/canopy, you might be able to get away with not having a boat cover. Tents & canopy covers do have a downside, these options for your boat might be able to do a decent job at preventing soggy washed out carpets for the most part, however most of the tents and canopies still leave your boat vulnerable to dirt, grime, dust and even animals.

What are the benefits of boat covers?
If you cover your boat with a custom fit boat cover, you’ll be able to avoid not only the obvious benefits mentioned above like preventing water damage, moisture and mold build up, dirt, dust and grime prevention. But you’ll also be able to avoid some not so obvious things like bird droppings, tree leaves, uv damage protection(keeping your hues nice & vibrant), prolonging rubber components (otherwise the sun can really damage and create breaking/cracking), and even keeping animals out of your boat interior. Boat covers also act as the first line of defense to keep people away, who have the bad intentions of stealing your boat.

If in fact you are looking for boat covers, we have compiled a small list of DryGuard™ & Storm Pro™ boat covers, as well as an assortment of canopies and tents from the industry leaders in “covers” California Car Cover Company. Whatever you do, make sure you find the right kind of protection to fit your needs for your boat so we can see you out in the water for many years to come.

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